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Product Advisories

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Advisory Issue Date
Title Related Part Number(s)
PA210416     4/16/2021   Eliminating CRC errors and nuisance VCXO38 alarm exhibited by some Ether-1000-02 units B86498-02
PA160620     6/20/2016   Release advisory - Ether-1000-02 firmware 1.05
PA151218     12/18/2015   CDAX firmware 3.10 release advisory for SONET & T1 networks B86486-01
PA150914     9/14/2015   CSSU firmware 2.03 release advisory affecting Major form-c alarm contact
PA150708     7/08/2015   JIF-Share/CMUX firmware 2.03 release advisory B86485-02, B86485-22
PA150610     6/10/2015   NMX firmware 1.06 release advisory B86481-01
PA150331     3/31/2015   CSSU firmware 2.02 release advisory B86434-11
PA140612     6/17/2014   Ether-1000 v3.05 release advisory B86498-01
PA130820     8/20/2013   UPDATE 2 - Potential False Trip of DTT-RCV Circuit within 86442 DTT-RCV and 86443 CDR Units B86442-01, B86443-01
PA110915     9/15/2011   UPDATE - Potential False Trip of DTT-RCV Circuit within 86442 DTT-RCV and 86443 CDR B86442-01, B86443-01
PA110628     6/28/2011   Shielding of Intelligent Sync Tie Cabling between B86480-11 External Sync Units B86480-11
PA090415     4/15/2009   OC-12 Product Advisory - Potential Bypass Cable Error Bursts B86417-01, B86417-02, B86417-03
PA090310     3/10/2009   VistaNET Product Advisory - Vista, Server OS
PA090201     2/01/2009   86446 Data-HS Units B86446-01, B86446-02
PA090126     1/26/2009   TN1U Shelf Product Advisory - New Options Available
PA090105     1/05/2009   New 86448-03 Data-LS Unit B86448-01, B86448-03
PA081126     11/26/2008   DTT-RCV Product Advisory - False Trip on Power Up B86442-01, B86443-01
PA080801     8/08/2008   86464-96 Control Leads B86464-01
PA080123     1/23/2008   OC-3 Product Advisory - Phantom Alarm B86432-41
PA080122     1/22/2008   86432-41 MK1
PA070713     7/13/2007   VistaNET Product Advisory - Vista OS - revised
PA070612     6/06/2007   OC-12 Product Advisory - CBW E B86417-01, B86417-02, B86417-03
PA070413     4/13/2007   OC-12 Product Advisory - v3.00 Upgrade
PA070301     3/01/2007   2007 Daylight Saving Time Changes