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Power & Auto Transformers

The generator transformer, designed and manufactured by XD|GE, fully complies with the requirements for power generation islands with excellent performance for low loss, low noise, low partial discharge, high short-circuit withstand, and exceptional reliability.


XD|GE offers a complete line of power transformers with three phase ratings from 20 to 1500 MVA and voltage ratings from 69 up to 765kV and single phase ratings to 1000 MVA, 1000KV. Three phase auto-transformers are available with ratings to 765kV, 1500 MVA, single phase auto-transformers to 1000kV, 1500 MVA.

The size and performance of the power transformers available from XD|GE are world class, such as the first 1,000MVA / 500kV ASA high impedance autotransformer installed in China…the first of its kind.

Primary Plus™
Double Split Transformer
Primary Plus™ products photo
Primary Plus™

This advanced pre-engineered solution set digitizes XD|GE primary equipment and provides factory installed and configured protection, monitoring, diagnostics and communications. Primary Plus reduces the time and labor associated with substation construction and expansion by leveraging advanced technology platforms.

Learn More about Primary Plus™
These transformers can be customized to meet the individual needs of customers:
  • A variety of de-energized and on-load tap changers are available from approved suppliers. Control systems are available for the on-load tap changers that allow for parallel operation and remote control. Monitoring is also available for the on-load tap changers.
  • A wide range of monitoring, diagnostic, and remote control options are available including monitoring options for bushings, automatic DGA, hot spot winding temperature, oil hot spot, and both UHF and ultrasonic partial discharge.
  • Gages are available from a variety of suppliers. Available options include analog gauges as well as digital gauges that work with remote monitoring systems.
  • Pressure relief devices are available with or without an oil flow director that can be routed toward the bottom of the tank.
  • Buchholz relays are available as well as fire extinguishing systems that release nitrogen to the inside of the tank and a shut off valve between the conservator and Buchholz relay when an event is detected.
  • The usual oil preservation systems used for power transformers are all available. A corrugated stainless steel conservator that goes up and down and requires no breather or air bag is also available.
  • Cooling systems utilizing panel radiators, fans, oil pumps, and coolers are available from approved vendors.
  • Water cooling is available mainly for rectifier transformers and hydro-power applications. Radiators can be controlled to turn on sequentially with increasing temperature.
  • Porcelain and Composite bushings are available from a number of suppliers on customer request.
Power Generation
Double split transformer design used in Power Generation

To meet and exceed the requirements for power generation applications, XD|GE specially designs and manufactures a series of low voltage radial double split transformers. Ranging from 35kV to 500kV with capacities ranging from 31.5mVA to 130MVA, our unique design provides improved short circuit withstand of the transformer and the starting/spare transformer used at the power station.

To ensure proper fit and function for each unique application, the structural design is customized based on the impedance level required.