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Virtual Reality for HV equipment technical training. A safe, accurate and engaging learning experience.

Simulate HV Asset Operations & Maintenance processes with Virtual Reality. A safe, accurate and engaging learning experience.

GE provides an innovative solution to train field staff on Power transformer technical overview, operation, maintenance and safety procedures using Virtual Reality. The GE VR training modules, designed by GE’s transformer and field technical experts and digital training specialists, simulate real onsite experiences. The GE VR training modules enables power transformer owners to get well trained teams keeping assets in better condition by anticipating maintenance needs.

Providing realistic scenarios encountered in the field, GE VR trainings simulate a fully accurate experience with actual power transformer sizes based on real 3D CAD files. To make the experience the most relevant, the scenario focus on key tasks delivering a hands-on experience making the learning not only efficient but unforgettable.

Compared with other learning methods, Virtual Reality training delivers distinct advantages when it comes to absorbing, retaining, and applying new competencies, all while reducing the overall required training overhead investment as no real equipment is required.

Safety is a major reason to turn to VR for Technical Training on HV Power Transformer. With GE’s virtual reality trainings, users avoid all safety and environmental risks, allowing them to learn dangerous and complex tasks which would be impossible to recreate in reality.

In addition, VR training drastically reduces time required to learn hands-on operations. Training can be repeated numerous times until the trainee is comfortable with the task and onsite training that typically takes one to two days is reduced to a 20 minutes session.

GE’s VR Trainings enrich the broad Grid Solutions Technical Training catalogue and include:

  • • VR training experiences developed by subject matter experts and used in GE Training facilities
  • • Licenses to use VR modules at customer premises
  • • Services to develop customized modules and to provide recommendations to select the best learning path