Flexibility Increase on Hydro Installed Base

SITE TEST CAMPAIGN – Test under 1 Head with on-board Strain Gages NUMERICAL SIMULATIONS – Hot spot and Damage model computation ADVANCED MONOTORING – use Hydro edge platform to monitor life consumption and provide insights on inspections required 1 3 2 • Set-up strain gages on the runner blades • Run turbine from speed no loads to 100% load (with several load steps) • Transient repetitions and optimization • Influence of air admission/injection. (Air injection is a mitigation solution to be tested in parallel with the runner stress measurement. It can help to reduce dynamic phenomena and enhance the operating range extension). On-board stress measurement provides accurate experimental stress at sensor location for each running condition tested. Then dynamic simulation is used to extrapolate signals from sensors location to the hot spot (areas of maximum stresses which are close to sensors but often different). Finally, a mechanical fatigue damage calculation can be carried out and provide reliable information for the status of runner in the various operating conditions tested. Coupled CFD/FEA simulations are realized. The damage model defined is then implemented in the hydro edge platform software to become operationalized with operation data and continuously upgraded as new head ranges are explored. • The hydro Edge platform has been specifically developed by GE Renewable Hydro to address the transient and dynamic hydraulic phenoma that can be encountered in a hydroelectric turbine and the impact on the whole shaft line • Handling highly dynamic data (vib., displacement, pressure…) • Local real-time data processing to extract the meaningful information from the high-frequency signals • Automatic editing of useful indicators & mappings • Local storage to store this information with the operating context as “smart data” • Remote data access and send any indicators to supervisory/cloud applications using the GE edge gateway. The Edge platform is cybersecured by design. • High flexibility, quick & easy on-site installation – can be used to analyze and compare several machines from the same plant • Complementary to ‘spot’ measurement campaigns : measure machine behavior over several months - Cover several heads, full year hydrology • Tackle infrequent phenomena - Enable an accurate monitoring of machine state evolution with experts support from GE Hydro HOW THE TECHNOLOGY WORKS