Flexibility Increase on Hydro Installed Base

note: for Power uprate, an additional pre-study is required, to review the actual design and the margins on the generator, transformer and turbine. An additional month is required prior to the site test campaign. DEPLOYMENT PROCESS & PLANNING ~5 months from “contract signed” to 1 st recommendation provided Project Execution Details Offsite Preparatory Work Site Tests Data Analysis, Simulations and Report Information Gathering, HW and SW Procurement HW and SW Setup Monitoring & Data Collection Fatigue Damage Model Implementation Fatigue Damage Model Upgrade 2 months 3wks 1+ year 2 months 2 months 1wk 1d 1d Part 1 Site Campaign + Simulations Part 2 Continuous Monitoring SCOPE OF SUPPLY Hardware (HW): All Hardware is provisioned, delivered, installed and configured. Hardware includes additional sensors, temporary measurement device for site campaign, GE Hydro edge platform Software (SW): The Software is set-up and configured at site and continuously maintained and upgraded remotely. Services: recurring expertise-based, ongoing consulting services provided in a subscription format and comprised of two components: 1. Remote support & expertise service + remote maintenance/upgrade of the GE Edge Analytics Platform 2. Damage model upgrades, through collecting and correlating data when exploring new head ranges. online KPIs.