Predictive Monitoring Services

Predictive Monitoring Services Turn Data Into Actionable Insights with Machine Learning and GE Hydro Domain Expertise 150+ hydro plants 400+ hydro units 40+ GW 250+ Predictive Analytics to cover the entire hydro plant equipment GE APM Software Historian SCADA/DCS GE Hydro Engineer recommendations GE Edge Gateway Firewall Firewall DMZ Outbound data flow GE Renewable Hydro is offering cutting edge predictive maintenance (PdM) services that use the latest digital technology in Artificial Intelligence (AI), Information Technology (IT) and Internet of Things (IoT). These services are tailored for hydropower applications to cover turbines of all types, generators, shaft line, auxiliaries, etc. An impressive catalog of 250+ predictive analytics enables the early identification of critical failure modes that can lead to unplanned outages and unexpected downtime. PdM Services are remotely delivered by a team of GE hydro engineers that analyzes early warning alarms, trends, operating patterns and which assists plant managers in enhancing their asset reliability and performance. The team leverages data from a wide range of sites, machines, designs and scaled-model tests to find deviations for a specific machine outside of its normal behavior and against a fleet of similar machines. ENHANCED HYDRO SERVICES THROUGH SOFTWARE & DATA MAXIMIZE REVENUE & MINIMIZE OPEX • Connect & Collect relevant hydro asset data through cybersecure connectivity with GE Edge Gateway located in a DMZ (demilitarized zone) network at the plant • Process & Analyze data with GE’s latest Machine Learning software running on *GE’s APM (Asset Performance Management) cloud platform that triggers early warnings on incipient issues • Provide recommendations based on Hydro Expertise on potential issues and operation optimizations with the latest software capabilities • Easy to set-up and limited onsite work – start with existing data • Quick time to value ~12 weeks from “contract signed” to “go-live” • Fast return – typical return on investment (ROI) between 1 to 3 yrs • Regular detailed operation reviews with site O&M team • Continuous maintenance and enhancement of the predictive models deployed. HOW DOES IT WORK? *The data hosting and the software application can run on customer premises to comply with specific local country regulations. However remote connectivity and data access from GE is required to deliver the expert-based service GLOBAL DIGITAL HYDRO REFERENCES sensors ↓ FAILURE RISKS ↑ RELIABILITY ↑ AVAILABILITY SEAMLESS PLANT INTEGRATION QUICK TO DEPLOY . CMS .