Jeremy Bowden

Freelance Journalist and Energy Analyst

Jeremy Bowden currently works as a freelance journalist and energy analyst, serving a variety of clients across the world, with work ranging from editing and features, to in-depth reports and public relations material. His experience spans over 20 years in the energy, specialist energy media and utility sectors in a variety of positions in both Europe and Asia, including 5 years at IHS in Singapore as Midstream Manager for the Asian region, followed by a short spell as IHS-CERA Associate Director, Emerging Markets.

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Peter Kelly-Detwiler

Principal, NorthBridge Energy Partners

Focusing on integrating new technologies into the evolving electric power grid, Peter Kelly-Detwiler is an independent energy consultant and principal with 27 years of experience in the electricity market. Peter holds granted or pending patents related to Smart Grid demand response applications, and is currently working on a book addressing innovation and disruption in the electric power industry.

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Alex Forbes

Director, Forbes Communications Limited

With expertise in electricity, natural gas, oil, renewables, and climate change, independent journalist and consultant Alex Forbes has been reporting on energy developments and analyzing trends for more than three decades. Recognized for contributing to and launching numerous energy publications, Alex received the annual award presented by the International Association for Energy Economics for Excellence in Written Journalism in 2013.

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David Flin

Freelance Journalist in the Energy Sector

After around 12 years building and repairing power stations, David Flin became an Editor of magazines about the power sector, covering the range of the industry. David is now a freelance writer covering the power industry, with over 30 years of experience covering a multitude of related topics.

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Penny Hitchin

Freelance Writer Specializing in Energy

Penny Hitchin is an experienced and established freelance writer specializing in energy and the environment. She has had a long career producing articles, papers, and web-copy. Penny also has a deep knowledge of energy generation, renewable energy technologies, and the politics and economics of new build decommissioning and radioactive waste management.

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Neil I. Jones

Company Director and Consultant

In a 40 year career Neil Jones has worked in journalism, public relations and marketing covering a wide range of industries. With vast experience writing about technical issues in the oil & gas, marine, automotive, and domestic power sectors, his ability to craft easy-to-read stories about complex technology is widely regarded. In addition, since 1999 he has provided marketing, reputation, and crisis management consultancy services to business and the arts, undertaking assignments world-wide.

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Robert Rapier

Chemical Engineer, Director of Alternative Fuels at ZHRO & Chief Energy Strategist for Investing Daily

Robert Rapier is a chemical engineer with over 20 years of international engineering experience in the chemicals, oil, gas, and renewable energy industries. Contributing to numerous media outlets, Robert has written for The Wall Street Journal, The Washington Post, Christian Science Monitor, and The Economist and is the author of Power Plays: Energy Options in the Age of Peak Oil.

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Lawrence Willey

Engineering & Operations Leader

A licensed engineering and operations leader, Lawrence Willey has broad and deep technical expertise in new product development, advanced design, testing, and manufacturing of aircraft gas turbines, large steam and gas turbines for electric power generation, and renewable energy, including utility and distributed scale wind turbines. Lawrence has recently been focused on senior business and operations, leading groups across the full-product life cycle, including technical sales support, product management, engineering, supply chain, manufacturing, installation, operations and maintenance, and customer service.

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Heidi Vella

Freelance Energy and Technology Journalist

Heidi Vella is an energy and technology journalist with over four years experience. Her areas of expertise include power generation, renewables, oil and gas, the future of energy and advancements in energy technology.

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David Appleyard

Freelance Energy and Technology Journalist

David Appleyard is a journalist and editor with more than 20 years' experience. Focused on the energy and technology sectors and having previously held the role of editor in chief of magazines such as Renewable Energy World and Power Economics, David's work has also appeared in major titles including The Times, The Guardian and The Economist.

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Charles Newbery

Freelance writer

Charles Newbery has been a journalist and writer for more than 20 years. Based in Buenos Aires, he specializes in business, energy and technology in Latin America. His work has appeared in Advertising Age, Al Jazeera, BusinessWeek, the Financial Times, MarketWatch, LatinFinance, Latin Trade, Platts, The New York Times, Variety and other publications. He's also written opinion pieces, reports and other content for Alexander Hughes, Disney, GeoPark, the Institute of the Americas, MercadoLibre, Millicom, Oxford Economics and the World Economic Forum.

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Ken Silverstein


Ken Silverstein has covered public policy and economics for more than two decades, reporting extensively on Capitol Hill, the Washington regulatory agencies and the corporate world. His work has been published in magazines, newspapers and online. Early on, he focused on the financial markets before moving over to cover global energy and the environment.

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Richard Stuebi

Expert in energy strategy, technologies, finance

Richard Stuebi is a recognized leader in the energy sector with three decades of experience in a variety of capacities, including as a consultant, executive, entrepreneur, investor and advocate. From this multi-faceted set of experiences, Mr. Stuebi has gained a deep understanding of many topics critical for companies participating in the energy sector, including strategy and business development, market economics and regulations, emerging technologies and business models, and launching and growing new venturesAs a consultant, Mr. Stuebi has provided strategic counsel to dozens of clients, ranging from electric utilities to large corporate conglomerates to financial interests to emerging start-up companies.

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Bentham Paulos

Principal of PaulosAnalysis

Bentham Paulos is the principal of PaulosAnalysis, consulting and writing on clean energy policy, technology, and trends, for clients in the non-profit, media, government, industry, and philanthropic sectors. He is currently an Affiliate in the Electricity Markets & Policy Group at the Lawrence Berkeley National Lab, and directs the Power Markets Project, looking at the impact of renewable energy on electricity market designs. He is a contributor to Greentech Media, POWER Magazine, and the Energy Transition blog, and the author of "Empowered: A Tale of Three Cities Taking Charge of Their Energy Future."

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Mort Webster

Associate Professor of Energy Engineering

Mort Webster is an Associate Professor of Energy Engineering, with a focus on uncertainty in energy and environmental systems. Prof. Webster specializes in risk analysis, uncertainty analysis, and decision-making under uncertainty.

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Anupam Narula

Growth strategist and market researcher

Anupam has 20 years of experience in competitive analysis, strategic marketing, and new product development. In his current role with GE's Power Services, he focuses on understanding the changes in the power industry by meeting with generations executives, including CFOs, COOs, VPs, asset managers, energy traders, plant managers and plant engineers.

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Diana Kightlinger

Independent writer, journalist, essayist and author

Diana Kightlinger is an independent writer, journalist, essayist and author with an engineering background. For 20+ years, she’s been writing about technology, power generation, renewables, oil and gas, manufacturing, and transportation for well-known brands and publications including the Washington Post and Chicago Tribune. Diana served as the communications liaison for a utilities district that helped build the largest public power wind project in the United States.

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