Performance and reliability analytics, reporting, and data visualization


It is difficult to generate actionable insights at scale that minimize cost and avoid lost production

Renewable energy fleets are becoming larger and more complex. Each time a turbine trips or a component unexpectedly fails, operators face lost production and costly repairs. Present performance reporting systems are not able to process at scale to convert it into meaningful Key Performance Indicators (KPI) and actionable insights. Gearboxes, blades, and generators have a high cost of repair or replacement, so asset owners seek insight into the status of these components, especially the existence of any impending issues and the component’s remaining useful life.

GE's Solution

Rapidly unlock actionable insights by connecting data, analytics, and visualizations with a case management system optimized for a growing renewable energy fleet

The LIFESPAN Analyze suite provides the insights required to efficiently resolve issues with your renewable assets. This application comes with state-of-the-art visualizations of performance KPIs and machine operational data, pre-configured dashboards, an optimized and integrated case management system, and the ability to export data into multiple formats.

It leverages machine sensor and controller data, sophisticated analytics, standardization, advanced databases, and software to optimize fleet performance, leading to improved reliability and productivity.