Comprehensive blade inspection and analysis tool


Multiple inspection methods and systems, disparate data, and disconnected field operations result in increased blade costs

Inspection management systems are often standalone applications with limited functionality to manage multiple sources of inspection data and corrective actions. In the case of blade inspections, inspection data often resides in third party systems with varying degrees of accessibility, analysis tools or integration capabilities.

GE's Solution

LIFESPAN Inspect consolidates inspection data, manages results, and facilitates repairs

As part of a blade asset management program, LIFESPAN Inspect meets your needs by providing secure data ingestion, fast computing including Artificial Intelligence (AI), a scalable architecture, and integration with other Lifespan applications to better analyze results and manage corrective actions.

 The application is both a repository for inspection data and a tool to analyze images and track results at the damage, asset and site level.  Artificial intelligence is the first layer of defense against identifying damages on blades and is key to aligning with business needs for rapid disposition of inspection data.