Japan's role in the energy transition

As a key energy transition market, Japan is on the edge of a transformation. While gas power and nuclear will continue to play a critical role, the country is focused on accelerating the adoption of key renewable energy technologies. GE Vernova Japan stands ready to face the challenge.

Global challenges, local impacts

With the global energy landscape facing a 75% increased power demand by 2050, Japan is also seeing its own set of challenges.


of CO2 emissions originate from energy
sources in Japan (vs. 40% globally)
Source: IEA


of fossil fuels used for power are imported
into Japan
Source: METI 


dependency on thermal sources (coal, gas, oil)
for energy supply in Japan (vs 80% globally)
Source: IEA



Local presence

Over the last 130 years, GE Vernova has contributed towards Japan’s stable power supply by providing power generation equipment including gas turbines, steam turbines, nuclear reactors, hydro and wind turbines. The collaboration with JERA dates back to 1927 when the company was formerly Chubu and Tepco. Additionally, GE Vernova has a longstanding cooperation with Toshiba since 1875, fostering numerous milestones together. GE Vernova currently powers ¼ of the country’s current installed capacity of onshore wind, and Haliade-X, the world’s biggest offshore wind turbines set to begin operations targeting 2030.


first GE generators delivered


GE Vernova employees 
in Japan 13 offices


of Gas Power capacity 130
unites fleet


offshore wind projects to be
installed by 2030

GE history in Japan

Discover the legacy of our extensive experience in Japan. From leveraging Japan’s natural resource of bamboo to extend life bulb life spans in 1880, to pioneering the energy transition alongside IHI in unlocking ammonia’s true potential, GE’s partnership with Japan has been at the forefront of life-changing innovations.
Video created in 2014.

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Unlocking the power of Japan’s energy mix

In collaboration with our customers, technology partners, and global policy experts, GE Vernova Japan is committed to driving towards a sustainable energy future and building a world that works for all of us. Please visit the links below for details on relevant topics/businesses.


Grow renewables as fast as possible

Onshore wind  
Offshore wind  


Develop and deploy carbon management technologies

Gas power  
Grid solutions  
Power conversion  
Steam power  

GE Vernova in Japan

Renewable energy

Strengthening renewables in Japan

GE Vernova is committed to supporting the growth of renewable energy, in line with Japan’s goal of increasing the share of the national electricity mix coming from renewable energy from 36 to 38% by 2030. We are committing to bringing online more renewable energy, in particular onshore and offshore wind while ensuring safety and reliability. 

In Japan, in addition to providing technology that is resistant to extreme conditions and turbulence, our strengths include outstanding technical and execution capabilities in construction execution and services. GE Vernova currently powers one fourth of the country’s current installed capacity of onshore wind.

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