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Corporate Social Responsibility

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Tomas Kellner
19 September 2019

Corporate Social Responsibility

Sustainable initiatives and social responsibility form an integral part of the Company, through which the Company manages the business of today with the future in mind. Your Company’s Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) activities reflect its philosophy of helping to build a better world nd a more sustainable society. Over the years, across all sites, your Company has been engaged in several initiatives, and has focused on strengthening the marginalized sections of the community through multiple interventions such as healthcare, access to clean drinking water, infrastructure development, support for persons with special needs, skill development, entrepreneurship programs, and also during the year under review, COVID-19 Emergency Response Program. These programs are carefully curated, depending upon the needs of the community for the overall development and empowerment of the society.

COVID-19 Emergency Response

Delhi – NCR

The Company has since the inception of lockdown and COVID-19 pandemic stepped up to support the country towards Emergency Response. So far, the Company has engaged in such support to Hospitals by way of supplying Hospital support kits, frontline worker kits, portable testing units, ventilators and monitors. In view of the ongoing second wave and the upcoming third wave of COVID-19 pandemic, the requirement for further support from the Corporate Sector was expected. The programme aimed at providing necessary equipment and/ or deliveries which are required in order to confront the COVID-19 pandemic in India. During the year under review, the Company provided two Intensive Care Unit (ICU) set ups to Holy Family hospital in New Delhi through Implementation agency.

Schools and Children

Noida, Uttar Pradesh

Your Company continued to support the first batch of Udayan Shalini Fellowship (USF) programme at Noida chapter. It is a programme which aims at providing financial support and mentoring to girls from underprivileged sections of the society and are socially oreconomically challenged. The USF Programme supports girls overthe course of their entire journey, from Class XI until completion of university or vocational training alongside an employability module.

The programme includes mentoring, resource workshops, multiday residential camps and education on social issues. As part of the programme, the Shalinis are also required to complete.

The programme also has for the fellow shalinis wherein they are required to complete 50 hours of obligatory social work.

During the year under review, due to the pandemic, two digital surveys were also conducted to assess the need of smartphones amongst the “Shalinis”, enabling them by way of providing smartphone to attend their classes and workshops online. 

The details on CSR activities of the Company are provided in “Annexure A” to the Directors’ Report.