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Hydropower Maintenance



A simple and flexible solution to optimize hydro power plant performance, GE’s PRIME Assistance Agreements provide plant operators with rapid access to and preferential GE rates for their choice of a range of critical plant support services, including technical support, emergency services, maintenance & repair, diagnosis, parts and a digital asset performance management (APM) solution.

The APM digitally monitors the condition of plant equipment and identifies equipment issues early, facilitate early fixing of problems before they worsen. Customers are free to choose only the support services they need, making PRIME Assistance Agreements a flexible support solution that easily adapts to their unique needs. 

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GE offers a comprehensive catalogue of training sessions conducted by leading-edge experts to enhance the knowledge and skills of plant employees through a range of training opportunities, including:

  • Project preparation and plant commissioning
  • Over 30 standard and customized training modules available for your employees 
  • Real-life examples with senior engineers

Spare Parts

Secure your investment with genuine high quality certified spare parts and benefit from GE's expertise and global presence to optimize your spare parts management process, including:

  • Parts for GE and non-GE equipment
  • Parts for fleet and single plant (safety stock management)

Emergency Services

We offer immediate support for your peace of mind. In an emergency, our local teams can provide reactive and accurate assistance to get plants back online in the fastest possible time, thanks to cutting-edge equipment and plant expertise.

Utilizing our Emergency Services allows plant owners to eliminate the need for specialized in-house staff, while reducing downtime and breakdown costs.

Maintenance Repair and Overhaul (MRO)

GE offers ways to optimize your hydro assets by taking care of your plant components throughout their entire lifetime, with our standard MRO services, we support you with the aim of retaining or restoring it to optimum performance levels.

While carrying out regular inspection, scheduled or preventive maintenance and cleaning, GE can identify and recommend proactive small repair jobs that are key to reducing the impact of unexpected events and to eliminate the risk of serious damage. Such interventions will increase machine availability and lengthen the operating life of your components.

Operation & Maintenance (O&M)

GE can also design flexible O&M programs for your whole fleet, a plant or a particular component. Our program is built on optional modules that you can choose to best suit your needs.  Modules include:

  • Scheduled and unscheduled maintenance: troubleshooting, performance supervision
  • Operation support
  • Full operation and maintenance contracts, including complete administration of the hydro power plant.

Working with GE to provide your O&M ensures guaranteed availability, competitive, controlled, and predictable maintenance costs as well as highly skilled staff for each piece of equipment.

Operation & Maintenance (O&M) product sheet

Total cost predictability for ultimate peace of mind

Environmentally friendly cleaning using GE's Dry Ice Blast Cleaning for generators


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