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Services for your offshore wind turbines and farms

Optimizing offshore wind farm performance

When your offshore wind operations and maintenance services are effectively optimized, you can achieve the best possible long-term performance from your wind farm.

GE operates a global network of local offshore wind power service centers that offer a full range of packages and servicesto enhance the availability of your offshore turbine equipment, improve your energy generation and optimize the entire lifecycle of your system components. These include carefully selected predictive and preventive services, as well as offshore wind upgrades and retrofits.

In accordance with our clean power strategy, when it comes to offshore wind maintenance, we always consider profitability and commercial excellence in the wider context of environmental, health and safety (EHS) matters.    

Key features for offshore wind services

  • Corrective offshore wind maintenance

    Corrective offshore wind maintenance
  • Predictive offshore wind maintenance

    Predictive offshore wind maintenance
  • Preventative offshore wind maintenance

    Preventative offshore wind maintenance

Corrective offshore wind maintenance

Corrective maintenance consists of repairing breakdowns or performing unscheduled emergency maintenance. The data analysis and equipment control involved in corrective maintenance is vital for providing comprehensive offshore wind services and helps identify any potential incidents in real time. To minimize the impact of these corrective actions, we keep a supply a of offshore turbine spare parts and critical components in the wind farms or in our warehouses.

Predictive offshore wind maintenance

Predictive actions such as oil analysis, vibration measurements and thermography are also performed as part of our offshore wind energy services to anticipate any slowly-developing malfunctions and minimize any unforeseen breakdowns.

Preventative offshore wind maintenance

Preventive maintenance refers to all maintenance actions that are programmed in the offshore wind turbine maintenance manual (operations and regular inspections), which are necessary to guarantee that your turbines operate under optimum conditions for their entire lifecycle..

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