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Multi-brand Services

Universal Fleet Solutions

Universal Fleet Solutions (UFS) is our Global Multi-brand Services platform. Our mission is to provide a broad spectrum of services support to the wind industry, despite the OEM, giving customers a single focal point to maintain and repair their fleet.

4 GW




Vestas | Siemens | Gamesa | Nordex | Acciona | Senvion | Mitsubishi | Suzlon | Aerodyne | Clipper 
turbines can benefit from our exclusive offerings*.

key differentiators

Our Key Differentiators

Our customers can increase the availability, reliability & energy output and reduce costs and downtime of their wind turbines with our:

Unique Technician Skills

  • GE have established Multi-brand training partnerships and curriculum

  • Training provided to engineering and field teams with focus on safety and enabling teams to execute safe, on-time and quality projects.

High Quality Materials

  • Materials sourced from qualified, reputable vendors using tested and validated resources according to international industry’s standards an GE’s requirements

Exceptional Safety

  • Traceably compliant with global standards

  • GE is transparent with sharing our certification documentation such as critical, overhead, crane-attached tooling and equipment for our major components exchanges and crane operations

  • Our development processes for devices or equipment adhere to or exceed requirements such as OSHA 1926.251, ASME B30.20 and ASME BTH-1



  • Our design criteria meets the highest standards for wind turbines design supported by our experience in Power Generation and Aerospace.

  • GE’s dedicated Multi-brand global engineering execution teams involved with development of procedures, processes and tooling to ensure flawless execution

  • GE’s return to service times for exchanges and repairs on average meet or outperform industry averages by 10-20%

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Customer Testimonial

Angie Gregg, Senior Director of Commercial Services & Logistics, Avangrid, said regarding our services for multi-brand turbines: “At Avangrid, we have high expectations, especially when it comes to any work being done at our sites : in terms of safety, quality and response time. We have put the GE team through tough trials at one of our sites under the supervision of our own teams and have been pleased by the great results and positive feedback received from the exercise. Today, we are glad to be working with GE to maintain a piece of our fleet in the US."

Javier Ibiricu, Head of Field Operations, Europe Renewables Onshore, Iberdrola, said: "At Iberdrola, we are continuously looking for solutions that assure safety in any work done in our fleet, downtime reduction and costs optimization when it comes to the maintenance of our wind turbines. Having a long experience with GE as services provider for our GE fleet in Europe, and considering GE’s approach to services is aligned with our goals, we have put the GE team through tough trials at one of our Gamesa sites in Europe under the supervision of our own teams and have been pleased by GE great results and positive feedback received from the exercise. Our experience with GE’s Multi-brand technical, engineering, and commercial teams can be described as effective, knowledgeable, and aligned with Iberdrola goals & values. Having GE as a supplier for different OEM turbines maintenance of Iberdrola fleet was an important decision that has proven to be a valid one."

Pierre Soulis, Senior Engineer, RES France, said: "GE’s Noblejas Repair center is an impressive place where multi-brand gearboxes are repaired. Gearboxes follow a standard repair loop, from gearbox dismounting and defects evaluation, to repair with a high quality standard. During the visit, we clearly understood that quality and best practices are in the centre of the process, to finish with a 100% of the nominal load test on each gearbox + gearbox boroscopic inspection, which is an important proof of reliability for customers and O&M. Moreover with the future extension where the entire refurbishment process will be done internally, lead time would be reduced to prevent Assets production losses".

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Digital services

Digital Services

With 4 GW of Multi-brand digital services contracts, our digital products and lifecycle solutions are driven by our customers’ operational strategy. We focus on what matters most – outcomes that increase revenue, reduce costs and lower risk. GE does this by applying OEM agnostic, data-driven insights, expert recommendations, and advanced field services, fully integrated in a single software platform.

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Operations & Maintenance

Operations & Maintenance

GE is with you for the full life cycle of your wind farms. We focus on what matters to you: revenue, performance, and risk. 

GE can provide a wide range of scope of services as per customer requirements, from basic O&M contracts to Full-Service Agreements.

We adapt our offering depending on your specific needs and offer a tailored solution depending on your fleet age, location, and off taker needs. 

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Repair Services – Drive Train

With over a decade of operating thousands of wind turbines, GE’s technology expertise has advanced on both new design and field service – with a keen focus on delivering lower lifecycle costs on one of the most expensive components.

From up tower repairs to reduce the need for cranes, major component exchanges to decrease downtime and remanufactured upgraded replacement options.

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Blade Services

Blade Lifecycle management

Blades are the cornerstone to efficient production of sustainable, clean wind energy. GE’s design knowledge and composite expertise shapes our engineered blade service solutions to ensure this vital component remains in peak condition. With extensive blade service capabilities across multiple platforms, GE has an array of solutions to ensure asset performance and lower lifecycle costs.

GE offers a variety of blade inspection and monitoring solutions, to identify actionable emerging issues before they become a problem to all turbine types.

Our Multi-brand Blade repairs solutions are developed to meet even the most severe damage, on any blade type. GE can also provide blade upgrades to improve performance.

LM Wind Power’s technology plays a central role in the creation of industry leading wind turbine blades. Factors such as materials, aerodynamics, 3D profile and structure define the performance and reliability of our LM Wind Power blade family, and these turbine blade design factors all require an extremely high degree of domain expertise. As wind farm blade specialists, we will bring our expertise to perform quality Multi-brand wind turbine blade repairs that restore performance while minimizing downtime.

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* All services are executed by GE, excluding any sponsorship by third parties.