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A suite of parts and repair offerings to keep your onshore wind turbines online and running at capacity


GE is your ally in simplifying fleet operations while maintaining superior performance

As a leading wind turbine repair company, GE combines technical expertise and rigor to keep your turbines online by servicing and repairing major systems within the turbine to avoid potential downtime and underperformance. This is all backed by data-driven insights, which enable us to drive down your O&M costs through intelligent monitoring.

We have developed specialized upgrades, repairs, and exchange techniques to ensure superior wind turbine performance, through unique detection and diagnostic capabilities. Key features of our wind turbine upgrades and parts repairs:

  • Continuous investment in technology
  • Reduced unplanned risk and downtime
  • Wind turbine repair technology expertise, including crane-less technology and customizable offerings
  • Upgraded components and software for improved performance
  • Wind turbine parts: quick response time, GE IP
  • GE and non-GE platform capabilities




10+ years


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Spare wind turbine parts

Spare wind turbine parts


Availability of parts is critical to keep your wind farms running smoothly. GE’s Wind Parts Center of Excellence provides a full range of offerings to support your preferred level of service. From wind turbine maintenance kits and wear and tear flow parts to gearboxes and blades, our team gets you what you need. Our forecasting capability, driven by fleet-wide parts consumption, data configuration, and management knowledge, can even help to predict what you need. 

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GE Renewable Energy Shop

GE Renewable Energy Shop

Online part ordering is faster & easier

By using our website you can access our full catalog of Onshore Wind spare parts, check prices and order them anytime for North America. You can also use the different tools in the portal to help you identify the right product to keep your turbines running smoothly. Key features include:

  • Improved search: you have the flexibility to browse by part type, location, turbine model, price, weight
  • Better information: more pictures, obsolete parts and replacements information, upgrades available, sub-components and additional specifications
  • Easier quoting and ordering: you can check prices and item availability, create quote requests with one click and checkout with just a few steps
  • Faster response: orders are placed automatically, securing faster response. Users can check order status & tracking information

GE Renewable Energy Shop Login

Once you have a SSO and have requested access to Renewable Energy Shop, use the link below to access the application:

Access Shop

New User? Create Account

Customer Testimonial

Discover what our customers, RWE and Boralex, say about their experience on using the GE Renewable Energy Shop

“Amazing is the word that I would use to define my experience on the GE Renewable Energy Shop. I can drill down to the turbine and search for the part to get the quote in less than 4 minutes without any delay. Also, being able to see if the part is available or not is an outstanding feature for me.”
Trent Neagle, Inventory Manager RWE, USA
4 minutes
to generate a quote 10/10 in using the GE Renewable Energy Shop

I just tried to purchase my wind turbines’ parts on the GE Renewable Energy Shop and I loved it, it’s quicker and simpler. My favorite features are the parts search tool and the suggestion of replacement parts. If I need support, the GE team is extremely responsive and knowledgeable. The ecommerce market for the Renewable industry is huge and will keep growing and I strongly encourage other wind turbines’ owners to just go in and use the GE Renewable Energy Shop.
Nancy Arsenault, Material Manager Boralex, Canada
5 minutes to place the order

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Drive Train Services

Drive Train Services

With over a decade of operating thousands of wind turbines, GE’s drive train technology expertise has advanced on both new wind turbine designs and field services – with a keen focus on delivering lower lifecycle costs on one of the most expensive systems. GE’s extensive service capabilities aim to do as much up-tower as possible, reduce the need for cranes, and enable upgraded replacement options.

Monitoring, Inspection and Diagnostics
GE brings an array of solutions to enable predictive asset management, comprehensive inspection, and expert diagnostics on drivetrain health.

Uptower Repair
Drawing upon our innovative repair technology and experience on a wide array of configurations, GE brings deep expertise to solve the toughest challenges uptower. Our uptower capabilities include:

  • Helical stages

  • Bearing replacement

  • Rotary re-leads

  • Wye ring retrofit

  • Collector ring and brush replacement

  • Uptower shaft repair

  • Capabilities across a variety of non-GE platforms

Major component exchange
GE can help tailor major component exchange events to minimize crane requirements, reduce costs and avoid downtime with exceptional safety and quality. Our supply chain and robust network of remanufacturing shops means flexible offerings to meet your specific requirements when you need them. We have remanufactured, new or upgrades available.

Gearbox exchange capabilities:

  • Full drivetrain replacement

  • Fixed rotor gearbox exchange

  • Crane-less gearbox exchange

  • Catastrophic gearbox replacement

Generator exchange capabilities:

  • Generator replacement

  • Technical troubleshooting

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Blade Services

Blade Services

Blades are the cornerstone to efficient production of sustainable, clean wind energy. GE’s design knowledge and composite expertise shapes our engineered blade solution to ensure this vital component performs in peak condition. With extensive blade service capabilities across multiple platforms, GE has many solutions to ensure asset performance and lower lifecycle costs.

Inspection, Diagnostics and Prognostics
GE offers a variety of blade inspection and monitoring solutions to identify actionable emerging issues before they become a problem.

Blade Repairs
Maximize the life of your blades by repairing even the most complex damages. Repairs will last longer and prevent future catastrophic failures.

Exchanges and refurbishments
GE can reduce turbine downtime due to blade failure with our access to the largest network of new and refurbished blades. GE methodology and tooling technology enable reduced crane requirements and higher wind speed limits. Our capabilities include:

  • Single or multi-blade replacement
  • Blade balancing
  • Blade transportation
  • Blade disposal and recycling
  • Pitch bearing replacements
  • Pitch bearing re-indexing

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field service

Field Services

In addition to wind turbine repair services, we apply robust methods to monitor, troubleshoot and inspect your turbines, boosting uptime and lifecycle production. We have the expertise, tools, and processes focused on:

  • Safety: The central focus of all wind turbine repair training and procedures
  • Quality: Technical skillsets and know-how ensure repairs for your wind farm are done right
  • Issue resolution: Technical experts who know when something doesn’t look right, and how to fix it
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