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Repowering and Life Extension for older onshore wind turbines

GE Renewable Energy’s RePower program extends the life of onshore wind turbines by a decade or more, refurbishing and upgrading existing turbines to be more efficient and reliable while also increasing a wind farm’s performance by up to 25%.





Up to 3%


Wind turbine repowering involves replacing older units with new, higher capacity turbines or retrofitting them with more efficient components – in both cases, this significantly increases wind farm production and extends wind farm life. On average, wind turbines repowered by GE have seen a 20 percent increase in annual energy production and 1.5 percent availability improvement as compared to their pre-repower performance. Since 2017, we have completed more than 2,500 wind turbine repowering upgrades, covering 4 GWs of capacity at 40 different wind farms across the United States.

Our RePower wind energy program can include increasing a turbine’s rotor size, and upgrades to the gearbox, hub, main shaft, and main bearing assembly. But wind turbine repowering is about more than just the upgrades: GE provides end-to-end solutions for our customers, from servicing and grid solutions to forecasting and tailored financing solutions.

Repowering existing wind turbine technology is a complex process that requires the ability to blend new upgraded technology and equipment with aging machines. GE has the engineering, design and financing expertise to help our customers generate the maximum amount of clean, renewable energy from each wind turbine in the most economic manner possible.



Benefits of our aging wind turbine fleet solutions:

  • Life extension for 5-20 additional years

  • GE expertise and proprietary data analytics drives unique ability to understand remaining component life

  • Opportunity to incorporate latest technology into mature fleet

  • Flexible service agreements to maintain the RePowered wind turbine assets



How we can bring value back by repowering your existing wind turbine fleet:

  • Maximize: Increase rotor swept area for the existing site layout and support structure (tower and foundation)

  • Analyze: Determine upgraded wind turbine components required to support longer, larger blades

  • Assess: Consider and examine all systems-component upgrades impacting reliability and availability

  • Evaluate: Examine all remaining turbine systems components for capability in new configuration with 20-year life extension

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Newest Software Code with Advanced Fault Logic


Control Code Upgrade

Control Code Upgrades increase your fleet’s AEP and decrease costs through improved turbine fault handling. Updated control code replaces collective faults with more granular details, resulting in better troubleshooting and faster return to service. It also provides tuned logic that reduces faults by incorporating GE’s latest understanding of component life cycles and platform specific parameters.

We can help reduce your Operations & Maintenance costs through both hardware and software solutions aimed at reducing the number of times a technician must visit a turbine and spend less time troubleshooting while there.

•  Decreased repair time
•  Decreased downtime
•  Incorporates latest safety concepts
•  Enables additional upgrades:
   •  Ultra-capacitors for improved reliability and reduced maintenance cost
   •  Additional PowerUp features for greater AEP
   •  WindFREE 2.0 for reduced power consumption


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