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Our Commitment

Pierre Marx

"We commit to achieve carbon neutrality for our direct activities and our energy consumption by 2030, and to reduce these related emissions by 50% by this date."

Pierre Marx
Chief Operating Officer, GE Vernova's Hydro Power

Our position on the Sustainable Development Goals


Our hydropower technologies help our industry play an essential role in fighting climate change (13), providing flood control, drought mitigation, resilient water resources and irrigation (6).

They provide affordable renewable energy and integrate other clean energy solutions through energy storage (7), (9).

Our products and services are designed to promote sustainability, respect for the environment, and ensure the Health, and Safety of our employees and the communities in which we work (8), (11).  

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Our actions for the climate


For our operational green-house gas emissions in each business


By finding efficiency opportunities within energy, waste, and mobility


By securing green electricity for our sites-onsite installations, PPAs Environmental Attribute Certificates


By sharing what we learn, celebrating employee contributions and showcase leadership

Account Emissions

Tracking our emissions to understand our impacts

GE 2022's emissions on scopes 1&2 accounted for 20 ktCO2

Measuring our emissions allows us to become aware of our impact and to determine actions that will have the biggest reduction impact.

reduce emission

Reduce Emissions

Energy efficiency actions

GE Hydro Solutions sites have carried out strong actions to improve energy efficiency on its diverse sites. Since 2020, GE hydro has invested above 1M USD into energy efficiency actions for its diverse sites, this represents more than 5800Mwh/Year of energy savings.

power with renewables

Power with Renewables

PPA & Green Tariff Electricity contacts

100% of our manufacturing sites are powered with renewable energy. Our Tianjin Manufacturing site has installed more than 13 000 photovoltaic panels which are connected to the grid with an estimated annual average power generation of 6,400 MWh. It means that they can provide up to +30% of the site's electrical consumption. The rest of our green energy supply is ensured through green tariff electricity contracts (Europe and North America) and renewable energy certificates (Other sites).



Promoting sustainability within our industry

Developing sustainability actions in our processes, and creating a sustainability culture within the company.

Our actions to reduce water use

In the continuity of the actions carried out on the Tianjin site to reduce its environmental impact (Cf. Installation of solar panels), here is a video presentation of the new wastewater cleaning system of the site. The main benefits of this action are the reduction of 70% of the energy used compared to standard installation, and the reduction of 90% of hazardous liquid waste at source.

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Our actions on product sustainability

Complying with the most stringent legal and environmental requirements, GE Hydro Solutions product sustainability is based on our extensive experience and rigorous standardized processes, strengthened by advances digital tools. The continuous sustainability improvement of our products is driven by a will to increase product efficiency and life expectancy, and to reduce its impact on wildlife and the environment.


The four sustainability pillars of our products


  • Decarbonization

  • Biodiversity and eco-systems

    Biodiversity and eco-systems
  •  Circular Economy

     Circular Economy
  • Value creation  

    Value creation  
  • Decarbonize our products through energy efficiency actions and green energy contracts for all our sites

  • Capacity to measure the carbon footprint of our products

  • Fish-friendly technologies to protect biodiversity

  • Oil-free technologies and biodegradable oils to protect aquatic ecosystems

  • Dissolved oxygen runner technology to protect downstream habitats

  • Minimize resources used during the design process

  1. Additive manufacturing

  2. Digital simulation

  • Extend the life of our products

  1. Design improvements

  2. Coating technologies

  • Extend the life of hydropower plants

  1. Diagnostic and repair tools

  • High level of recyclability

  • Improve the flexibility or our products, easing the integration of intermittent renewable

  • Develop control and coating technologies to improve performance and lifetime