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MDS LaunchNET™

Configuration and Provisioning platform

The GE’s MDS LaunchNET™ configuration and provisioning platform is an automated device provisioning solution that ensures quick and consistent initial device configuration to begin device’s life cycle. It helps minimize deployment errors with coding-free customizable device configuration templates. GE MDS LaunchNET is currently the ONLY automated software solution for all GE MDS Orbit devices. Designed for managing and deploying any number of devices with minimal effort in a fully automated and rapid way.

The MDS LaunchNET™ provisioning service is comprised of two elements: LaunchNET Server, installed in data center alongside network management system, running on Windows or Linux OS or in a virtual machine, providing an intuitive WebUI interface; and optionally the LaunchNET Client for “one-touch” setups. This client is for use in the field on a field technician’s mobile device such as laptop, tablet or cellphone.

Key Benefits

  • “Zero-Touch” provisioning to enable automated initial device configuration
  • “One-Touch” provisioning to enable secure device configuration by field technician
  • Support for MDS Orbit FirstNet Ready™ routers
  • Fully Integrated with GE MDS PulseNET™ Enterprise for a complete and seamless network management solution
  • Automated provisioning of X.509 certificates using SCEP from Microsoft PKI
  • User authentication using Microsoft CA server (SCEP) and LDAP or equivalent
  • Extended security using groups and sub-groups for clustering devices in regions
  • Easy site installation through centralized device configurations and templates
  • Cloud ready or hosted locally at your site

FirstNet and the FirstNet logo are registered trademarks of the First Responder Network Authority. GE, the GE monogram, MDS Orbit and Grid Solutions are trademarks of the General Electric Company. All other marks are the property of their respective owners.


Ease of use and fast provisioning

Intuitive User Interface

An easy-to-use Graphical User Interface (GUI) that enables management of external interfaces for user authentication using LDAP/Radius and Microsoft PKI for X.509 device certificate enrollment, device inventory database, creation and staging of device configuration templates and viewing deployment reports.


Zero-touch provisioning driven by device itself. The provisioning can be done in a secure staging environment over a local network and/or in the field over the field network.

One-touch (In-band or out-of-band)

LaunchNET client can either use the existing network infrastructure for accessing the server (out-of-band) or device’s cellular link for devices equipped with 4G/3G/2G modems. No knowledge is required by the field technician, who only has to enter his/her user authentication credentials in the client software on computer or tablet. The client provides electronic report with the results of the provisioning process.

launchnet config diagram

Lean and intuitive provisioning process

Advanced Network Management for Hardened Optical Multiplexers and PACKET solutions providing:

Lean and intuitive provisioning process