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MDS RCL Series
Robust Industry Standard Communications for Remote Control Locomotives

The MDS RCL Series, based on the MDS entraNET 220 Remote Control Locomotive Communications system is used in portable controllers, on-board locomotives, and at yard infrastructure sites to provide extremely robust and reliable operation. Our system implements application-specific messaging between Operator Control Units and Locomotive Control Units to permit 30 or more remote control locomotives to operate in a yard. We helped write the AAR standard and our communications system has a patented media access control layer. We support the largest freight railroads in the U.S. on 220 MHz. For 450 MHz options, please contact us.

Key Benefits

  • Industry standard communications interoperating with major RCL system vendors.
  • Benefits from years of application-specific optimization.
  • Open BSP serial protocol provides unique unit addressing
  • Works with any RCL vendor’s controllers and onboard equipment
  • Patented and field-proven robust performance with peer to peer and repeater messaging paths
  • Provides back-office monitoring of assets in real time and via rich logging facilities


  • 15 Locomotives plus 30 OCUs per channel
  • Full-duplex repeaters
  • Repeater communities for seamless coverage
  • Meets environmental specs for rail applications
  • Ethernet and Serial Ports
  • Single rugged DB-25 connector
  • Embeddable OCU radio package provided
  • Rugged enclosure
  • Command Console via Serial or Telnet