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Lentronics TN1U
SDH Multiplexer
Powerful and Flexible Multiplexing Solution

The Lentronics™ TN1U SDH Multiplexer delivers powerful optical networking solutions for critical communications applications. With a wide range of tributary interface units, the TN1U has the ability to provide both transport and access capabilities for voice, data, IP/Ethernet WAN, video and utility teleprotection traffic in a single package. Harsh environment ready, the modular TN1U delivers flexible, secure, and reliable communications.

Key Benefits
  • Eliminate complex multi-device equipment solutions with a single integrated package
  • High speed fibre optic communications (STM-1, STM-4, STM-16)
  • 99.999% system availability with redundant common equipment for path switched ring networks
  • Fast path protection switching (<3 ms)
  • Reduce connectivity, expansion, and configuration costs with modular solution
  • Advanced network visibility from the SDH level down to individual 64 kb/s signals
  • Comprehensive network management capabilities using VistaNET
  • Secure and dependable transport of critical services

TN1U SDH Multiplexer Electric Utility Application

TN1U SDH Multiplexer Electric Utility Application

Utility Hardened
  • Designed for reliable operation within harsh substation environments with fan-less operation, surge withstand capability, radio frequency immunity and wide temperature ranges
  • Reliable operation in extreme temperatures from -4°F to +140°F (-20°C to +60°C)
  • Meets Earthquake Risk Zone 4 shock and vibration specification

Scalable Design
  • Add/Drop Multiplexer supporting industry standard network topologies
  • Optional site specific tributary interfaces for video, voice, IP/Ethernet and utility teleprotection applications
  • High-bandwidth optical interfaces from STM-1 to STM-16
Robust & Reliable
  • 99.999% System availability with ITU-T standards
  • Fast path protection switching (<3 ms)
  • Built-in test capabilities
  • Designed with redundant common equipment for ring architectures
  • VistaNET network management software provides complete system monitoring and diagnostics

Secure & Dependable
  • Segregated and dedicated SDH payload assignments for each application optimize QoS and security
  • Port and VLAN partitioning isolates and protects critical communications applications


SDH Network Access

Facing increasingly complex demands for communications and security, organizations are looking for cost effective, reliable solutions for managing mission critical operations. The robust design of the GE Lentronics TN1U SDH Multiplexer makes it the ideal optical networking solution for electric power utility, transportation, pipeline and many industrial requirements.

System Technology

This powerful SDH multiplexer has a modular design for ease of maintenance, configuration flexibility, and expandability.

SDH Network Flexibility

Simply replacing optical transceiver modules allows users to expand an existing TN1U system to a higher capacity, while maintaining their capital investment.

The optional CDAX module provides an integrated digital cross-connect for grooming 64 kb/s channels and optimizing tributary payloads.

Operations, Administration, Maintenance and Provisioning (OAM&P)

The TN1U takes advantage of the inherent network management capabilities provided by the SDH telecommunications standards.