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Long-range, Ethernet, and Unlicensed Serial Communications

The new MDS TransNEXT™ is the successor to the MDS TransNET™ 900 MHz unlicensed radio. Setting the standard for reliable, long-range wireless serial data transmission utilizing proven Frequency Hopping Spread Spectrum (FHSS) technology, the next generation TransNEXT is backwards-compatible with its predecessor, TransNET. The TransNEXT’s backwards compatibility enables the continued use of legacy serial networks while also adding new capabilities to migrate networks with secure Ethernet connectivity.

Key Benefits

  • Backwards-compatibility with TransNET, with similar or better RF performance in real-world field installations.
  • Additional functionality for forward migration of legacy networks, which include IP Ethernet data and capacity to support future roadmap development.
  • Excellent performance across unlicensed 900 MHz spectrum in the face of interference or difficult signal paths.
  • Time-saving and flexible network management and diagnostic tools, including support for MDS PulseNET, Field Network Manager, OTA reprogramming, optional e-ink display, and more.
  • Low-power consumption/sleep mode for solar or battery power DSR (intelligent energy use) operations.*

* Planned for release in Q2 2024. Please contact the sales team for updated availability information.

Mixed MDS TransNEXT & TransNET Repeater Network Example

MDS TransNEXT Network Example Diagram