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Lentronics VistaNET
Network Management System (NMS)

Lentronics™ VistaNET is a complete suite of software tools to securely manage the GE Lentronics family of telecommunications products, consisting of JungleMUX SONET and T1 Multiplexers, TN1U and TN1Ue SDH Multiplexers and E1 Multiplexers.

Key Benefits
  • Remote configuration, monitoring and testing of common equipment and service interface units minimizes disruption and maintenance costs
  • Simultaneous configuration and monitoring by more than one user distributes network administration and maintenance responsibilities
  • Time stamped logging and processing of alarms assists in identifying problems, facilitates alarm acknowledgement and provides immediate update on system status
  • Recording of network access and configuration changes provides accountability (an audit trail for future reference)
  • Single integrated system view for interconnected and discrete network segments simplifies management
  • Enhanced security through a multi-level password and privilege system with automatic expiration interval, controlled by a system administrator
  • Optical status information and BER statistics provide preliminary indications of system level problems
  • Encrypted databases and NMS communications help ensure system privacy
  • Optional SNMP agents to support network management (alarms, logs, inventory) by third party SNMP Manager


Network Visibility
  • Complete peer-to-peer NMS solution
  • Easily accessible through high speed corporate LAN/WANs and traditional dial-up systems

Centralized Management
  • Centralized management of contiguous and non-contiguous networks
  • Supports hundreds of nodes
  • Manages all Lentronics Multiplexers
Easy Accessibility
  • Intuitive, menu driven industry standard screens
  • Operates on standard Microsoft Windows platforms
  • Delivers complete monitoring information and configuration control

Cyber Security
  • Authentication of users and connected devices
  • Authorization of read/write privileges of each user
  • Accountability by logging alarms, events and user access
  • Privacy through encrypted NMS communications


VistaNET Components
  • VistaNET Local Access (VLA) is a low-cost, rudimentary NMS solution ideal for small networks
  • VistaNET Network Interface (VNI) is the standard NMS offering, providing remote configuration and monitoring
  • VistaNET Serial Communication Port Expansion is a Right to Use (RTU) license offered for each additional VNI serial communication port connection privilege (required when further redundancy is needed, or a new network segment is added)
  • VistaNET Server Application (VSA) provides a single instance RTU license for the VistaNET server gateway to run on a Windows 2008, NT, XP or 7 PC or LAN server computer. Expands VNI functionality from a remote VistaNET session over TCP/IP
  • VistaNET SNMP Agent (vSNMP) enhances VistaNET service with SNMP functionality, converting VistaNET alarms into SNMP traps and forwarding them to a user-defined list of SNMP managers. The agent supports Get commands of active and cleared alarms
  • VistaNET SNMP Agent (vSNMP Plus) includes vSNMP capabilities and adds an agent for External SNMP Management. Supports external GET commands to identify Network Topology, Inventory, Logs, and Datapoint Values. Executes external SET requests for rediscovery
  • Alternate Traffic Routing (ATR) provides a RTU license, enabling creation and activation of primary and backup traffic routing schemes in certain Lentronics optical transceiver units
  • VistaNET Traffic Manager (TM) shows current traffic usage and available traffic capacity and identifies physical port availability. Captures Inter- and Intra-node connectivity, inventory, and unit performance values, and then compares with historic values to determine inconsistencies