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Software/Firmware Downloads

Point to Multipoint Firmware Upgrades

GE MDS point-to-multipoint product firmware upgrades are distributed as ASCII files with a ".S28" extension. These files use the Motorola S-record format. The file naming convention includes the model and revision information embedded within the name. Browse to find the desired ".S28" firmware file for your radio. After the ".S28" file has been downloaded to your computer, you must use "MDS Radio Configuration Software" in order to load this firmware into your radios. If needed, the MDS Radio Configuration Software can also be downloaded.

MDS1710 MDS1710 downloadable ".S28" files.
MDS2710 MDS2710 downloadable ".S28" files.
MDS4710 MDS4710 downloadable ".S28" files.
MDS4790 Master Station MDS4790 Master Station downloadable ".S28" files.
MDS9710 MDS9710 downloadable ".S28" files.
MDS9790 Master Station MDS9790 Master Station downloadable ".S28" files.
MDS9810 MDS9810 downloadable ".S28" files.