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Software/Firmware Downloads

Directory: Main / TD-Series


File NameDateSize
Product Bulletin PB-20002 rev 2.pdf2020-09-15 [166K]
TD220MAX Release Notes 1.2.28.pdf2021-12-23 [213K]
TD220MAX Release Notes 1.2.29.pdf2022-08-16 [117K]
TD220MAX Release Notes 1.2.30.pdf2022-10-24 [112K]
TD220X Release Notes 2.1.0.pdf2021-06-15 [221K]
TD220X Release Notes 2.1.10.pdf2022-08-16 [117K]
TD220X Release Notes 2.1.11.pdf2022-10-24 [209K]
TD220X Release Notes 2.1.6.pdf2021-12-02 [228K]
TD220X Release Notes 2.1.9.pdf2022-01-11 [147K]
TDM-bkrmd-1_2_30.mpk2022-10-24 [6.4M]
TDM-krmd-1_2_28.mpk2021-12-23 [6.2M]
TDM-krmd-1_2_29.mpk2022-08-16 [6.2M]
TDM-mibs-1_2_28.zip2021-12-23 [14K]
TDM-mibs-1_2_29.zip2022-08-16 [15K]
TDM-mibs-1_2_30.zip2022-10-24 [15K]
tdx-bkrmd-2_1_11.mpk2022-10-24 [6.2M]
tdx-krmd-2_1_0.mpk2021-06-15 [6.3M]
tdx-krmd-2_1_10.mpk2022-08-16 [6.1M]
tdx-krmd-2_1_6.mpk2021-12-02 [6.3M]
tdx-krmd-2_1_9.mpk2022-01-11 [6.1M]
tdx-mibs-2_1_0.zip2021-06-15 [11K]
tdx-mibs-2_1_10.zip2022-08-16 [14K]
tdx-mibs-2_1_11.zip2022-10-24 [14K]
tdx-mibs-2_1_6.zip2021-12-02 [12K]
tdx-mibs-2_1_9.zip2022-01-11 [14K]
TD_Firmware_Hashes.txt2022-10-24 [2K]