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Low Voltage & Special Capacitors

GE’s portfolio of low voltage and special capacitors include a broad range of filters and banks, both fixed and auto, as well as induction heating and melting capacitors, DC capacitors and motor capacitors. These capacitors are high performing and highly reliable solutions for power correction.

Low Voltage Capacitors Low Voltage Capacitors GE’s LV capacitor units help customers improve performance through energy savings and better power quality. Low Voltage Capacitors
Low Voltage Capacitor Banks Low Voltage Capacitor Banks GE provides a wide range of automatic and fixed power factor equipment available with and without filters. Low Voltage Capacitor Banks
Fast Switching Capacitor Banks Fast Switching Capacitor Banks (Flicker Banks)Harmonic filters provide broadband reduction of harmonics. Fast Switching Capacitor Banks
Active Filters Active FiltersHighly versatile filters cancel problematic harmonics, reduce flicker, correct power factor and balance network currents.  Active Filters
DC Capacitors DC CapacitorsA broad range of capacitors for high current, power semiconductor and DC applications. DC Capacitors
Induction Heating Capacitors Induction Heating CapacitorsAvailable as single- and three-phase, air cooled and water cooled AC & DC units up to 50 kHz. Induction Heating Capacitors
Fixed Motor & Pump PFC Fixed Motor & Pump PFCDesigned for fixed power factor correction at the motor. Harmonic filters are also available for harmonic rich environments. Fixed Motor & Pump PFC