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Distribution Transformers

Highly reliable, state-of-the-art distribution solutions

GE provides a broad array of distribution transformers to support a variety of applications. Our product lines include pole- and pad-mounted, single- and three-phase solutions, as well as primary and secondary substation transformers, cast coil transformers network transformers and voltage regulators.

Designed for diverse utility, contractor and industrial applications, GE’s distribution transformers are manufactured with stringent quality control and standards compliance for high reliability. We utilize state-of-the-art technology in our design and manufacturing systems and quality assurance programs, to provide you with reliable and cost-effective transformer products matched to your system requirements.

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Pole-mount & Pad-mount Transformers
Special Distribution Transformers
Network Transformers & Voltage Regulators

Our broad array of distribution transformers are highly reliable, state-of-the-art distribution solutions with features that allow safe operation and easy maintenance. Explore more about our diverse offerings with the interactive apps below.

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Distribution Pole-mount and Pad-mount Transformers

Prolec GE provides a complete line of distribution transformers ranging from single-phase pole-type distribution transformers to three-phase pad-mount transformers. Our manufacturing and design systems utilize state-of-the-art technology supported by our ISO-9001 certified processes and quality assurance programs.

Single Phase Pole-Mounted Transformerers

Single Phase Pole-Mounted Transformerers

Prolec GE designs and manufactures a complete line of single-phase pole-type distribution transformers for installation on utility overhead systems. These highly reliable and cost-effective transformers are available in a wide variety of ratings and accessory combinations to match your system requirements.

Explore the single-phase pole mounted transformer here.

Key benefits

  • Ratings: 10 to 167 kVA, High Voltage up to 34.5 kV, 150 kV BIL
  • Conventional or Self-protected
  • Mineral or vegetable oil
  • Meets or exceeds RUS, NEMA and ANSI standards C57.12.00, ANSI C57.12.20 as applicable
  • Mild steel tank with welded lifting lugs and hanger brackets for direct-to-pole mounting
  • Single piece clamped cover band meets cover retention requirements of applicable ANSI standards
  • Electrostatically applied polyester powder paint system for superior corrosion protection
Single Phase Pad-Mounted Transformers

Single Phase Pad-Mounted Transformers

Prolec GE manufactures a complete line of single-phase pad-mounted distribution transformers designed to provide the features, performance and aesthetics needed for modern underground residential applications.

Key benefits

  • Modern aesthetics for underground residential applications
  • Ratings: 10 to 167 kVA, up to 150 kV BIL
  • Maxipad and Minipad available
  • Mineral or vegetable oil
Three Phase Pad-Mounted Transformer

Three Phase Pad-Mounted Transformer

Prolec GE offers a complete line of liquid-filled three-phase pad-mounted distribution transformers that meet applicable IEEE standards. These transformers are specifically designed for commercial and residential applications, such as hotels, hospitals, universities, and others. Our transformers are designed for outdoor installation with cabinets, use aluminum or copper windings, and are optimized to maximize efficiency and footprint.

Key benefits

  • Liquid-filled
  • Mineral or vegetable oil
  • Meets applicable ANSI/IEEE standards
  • Ratings: 45 kVA to 5000 kVA, to 34.5 kV, 200 kV BIL
  • Up to 4,000 kVA ONAN

Special Distribution Transformers

Substation Transformers

Substation Transformers

GE Prolec’s distribution transformers are designed for the diverse mining, oil and gas and distribution markets of North America and international applications. Our distribution substation transformers are suited for real-world applications because we rely on extensive customer input and feedback to determine the ideal product testing and quality parameters. Prolec GE has extensive experience designing transformers for heavy duty mining applications such as crushing, grinding, floatation & refining/palletization. We deliver advanced performance under the most demanding operating conditions for offshore operations, exploration and production, as well as onshore operations, refining, petrochemical and storage.

Key benefits

  • Rating up to 7,500 kVA
  • Available in ranges from 225 kVA to 12000 kVA, to 69 kV, 200 kV BIL
  • Mineral, vegetable or synthetic oil
  • DETC
  • Outdoor and indoor designs
Cast coil Transformers

Cast coil Transformers

GE’s cast coil transformer is a low-noise, low-loss, cast resin dry-type transformer. The high-voltage winding with copper conductors and the low-voltage winding with either copper conductors or copper sheet are wound and reinforced by glass-fiber and then cast with resin under vacuum.

Key benefits

  • 100% relative humidity operation
  • Excellent short-circuit
  • Cooled naturally by air (AN) and forced air cooling (AF)
  • Smaller dimensions, less weight, and space saving
  • Customizable designs
  • Windings have high mechanical strength and no partial discharge and are non-flammable
  • Environmental adaptability
Multitap Transformers

Multitap Transformers

The Prolec GE Multitap transformers provide flexible voltages and currents to Electric Submersible Pumps (ESP) used in in artificial lift extraction applications. These transformers winding conductors and insulation are made with high quality and reliable materials. This offering operates in highly corrosive and saline environments and responds to a growing industrial trend to deliver customized power to energy-intensive industries such as Oil & Gas.

Key benefits

  • Rating up to 540 kVA
  • HV up to 4,800 V, BIL up to 60 kV
  • Externally operated de-energized tap changer with 25 Taps)
  • Mineral oil
  • Short circuit withstand and robust design
  • Customizable capacity, voltage, dimensions, winding materials and fluid to fit special needs
  • Easy handling and installation with a base designed for forklift

Network Transformers & Voltage Regulators

Network Transformer

Network Transformer

GE's Safe-NET network transformers are the safest transformers available in the industry for secondary network applications. Safe-NET network transformers are available for subway and vault applications. The Safe-NET transformer is designed to supply power to the network bus and is capable of handling significant short-term overload conditions in this application. It also has one of the smallest foot prints and delivers more KVA per square inch compared to competing products. GE's exclusive transformer tank design features patented tank technology that minimizes the danger from a transformer rupture event, mitigating its impact to adjacent assets and public safety.

For more information, visit our network transformer product page here.

VR-1 Voltage Regulator

Voltage Regulator

GE’s family of voltage regulators are cost effective, robust solutions to regulate voltage without comprising quality and reliability, providing a total cost of ownership that is nearly 20% better than competing products. The VR-1 regulator is designed to provide utilities with a means to protect themselves and their customer against the detrimental effects of voltage variation. Optimum regulation is achieved by controlling the voltage as close to a predetermined level as practical and is “Designed with the Utility in Mind”. GE’s voltage regulators comply with IEEE® C57.15-2009 and NEMA® 4, and are independently certified by KEMA® that the VR-1 meets the stringent Short-Circuit requirements in the IEEE standard. They can operate up to 2 million mechanical operations, providing years of reliable service without costly maintenance. Additionally, GE is one of the first to incorporate measured reverse power flow capability, which is critical on today’s distribution circuits where distributed generation is present.

For more information, visit our voltage regulator product page here.