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Mobile Substations
A complete range of flexible solutions

Substations play a crucial role in the transmission and distribution of electrical power throughout the grid. So what happens if a substation goes off-line? GE's mobile substations can bridge the gap during off-line events, helping to keep the grid operational and safe.

GE's mobile substation is a self-contained trailer or container equipped with the necessary high and medium voltage components of a full substation, including power transformer, switchgear and disconnect switches (GIS, AIS or hybrid), metering transformers, surge arresters, protection and control equipment, AC and DC auxiliary power and control systems. Other equipment can be supplied to meet customer specific requirements. GE provides complete turnkey mobile substations that include commissioning services, transportation, energizing and training to ensure the most flexible and effective solution.

Key Benefits

Key Benefits

GE's mobile substations are a turnkey solution, adapted to the specific requirements of each customer. Each project is unique and our project management team works closely with our customers to make sure that the huge range of possibilities are focused to the ideal customized solution.

Key benefits of GE's mobile substations
  • No civil works cost
  • Reduced maintenance costs
  • Maximum utilization and return on investment
  • Maximum mobility and flexibility
  • Can be rapidly on site and available for service
  • Maximum reliability through customized design
  • Optimization of space equipment
  • Reduced or minimal dismantling cost


There are several possible configurations for mobile substations, depending on client requirements and local traffic regulations.

Regular Trailers configuration
Could be transported without special traffic authorization
Type of substation Max. voltage level Other characteristics
GIS 220 kV Complete bay
Hybrid - AIS 145 kV Complete bay, incl. power transformer up to 10 MVA
MV cubicles 52 kV Several bays, up to 15 cubicles
Power transformers 145 kV Up to 10 MVA
Other ratings available under request and study.
Special Trailers configuration
Have to be transported with special traffic authorization
Type of substation Max. voltage level Other characteristics
GIS 420 kV Complete bay
Hybrid - AIS 170 kV Complete bay, incl. power transformer up to 60 MVA
MV cubicles 36 kV Several bays, up to 19 cubicles
Power transformers 400 kV Up to 105 MVA single phase transformer

Service & Support

Mobile GIS team

Mobile GIS team

GE is committed to bringing you the support you need throughout the lifespan of your mobile substation. Whatever the requirements of your mobile substation; alternative asset during planned maintenance, temporary substation capacity increase, forced outage repair and other natural or dramatic event, the key factors to ensure the substation is always on duty are availability and reliability.

To ensure we provide a solution that is always ready to go, GE provides a full range of services, from the wheel of the trailer to the top of the bushings. During standby periods or while in use on site, our teams can assess the condition of the equipment, such as the mechanical health of the solicited joints and mechanisms, dielectric health via PD monitoring, quality of the fluids and their sealing for oil or SF6, low-voltage panels integrity, then advise and apply preventive and corrective actions.

To maximize your asset performance and to reduce possible intervention delays due to administrative constraints, GE offers long-term operations and maintenance agreements, including 24/7 emergency service center assistance.