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Safe-NET Network Transformers
Safely and reliably supply power to secondary grid systems

Utilities provide safe and reliable electrical service to their end customers. In large metropolitan areas with densely populated cities, utilities provide this service over secondary network distribution systems. These network systems are largely underground, therefore the network transformers that support these systems are a vital and critical part of the electrical infrastructure.

GE's Safe-NET network transformers are the safest transformers available in the industry for secondary network applications. Safe-NET network transformers are designed to supply power to the network bus and are capable of handling significant short-term overload conditions in this application. GE's exclusive transformer tank design features patented tank technology that minimizes the danger from a transformer rupture event, mitigating its impact to adjacent assets and public safety.

Key Benefits

  • Increased Public Safety
  • Increased Operational Safety and Performance
  • Validated Risk Mitigation and Peace of Mind
  • Exceptional Product Durability and Reliability
  • Eco-friendly with Low Carbon Footprint
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Network Transformer Overview

network transformer

GE's Network Transformers offer utilities a solution that can help them provide safe, reliable and dependable electrical service to their end customers. GE's Network Transformer installed base includes units with 85+ years of service and giving utilities the peace of mind and operational assurance for their networks.

Network Transformer Portfolio
  • 300-2500 KVA, 3 Phase
  • Suitable for secondary networks and spot networks
Patented Tank Technology
  • Rupture resistant tank design allows for a safe and controlled sequence of events during high energy event. Exceeds the tank pressure requirements laid out in ANSI/IEEE C57.12.40 standard
Long Operational Life
  • Safe-NET design evolved from products with 85+ years of service
  • Tested and certified to the maximum (ground level) seismic levels in North America
  • Corrosion resistant exterior
Superior Coil Design
  • High short circuit strength
  • Insulation system designed for increased loading capacity
Mechanical Strength
  • Rugged clamping
  • Safe lifting provisions
Industry Leader in Quality
  • GE's Six-Sigma quality initiative ensures superiority in design and manufacturing

Key Differentiators for GE's Network Transformers

GE's provides customers with the safest network transformers for increased network operational safety than traditional design due to:

Exclusive Tank Design

  • Patented tank technology provides a safe and controlled failure-mode during high energy events
  • Exclusive transformer tank design and patented tank technology minimizes the danger from an "end-of-life" event resulting from a high-energy fault
  • Best in class corrosion resistant paint minimizes maintenance over long haul and increases life cycle of transformer

Exceeds Industry Standards

  • The Safe-NET tank design exceeds the tank pressure requirements laid out in the ANSI®/IEEE® C57.12.40 standard
  • Patented tank design can contain most high energy events
  • Best in class product lifecycle including an installed base with 85+ years of service

3rd Party Validated

  • GE's units are capable of withstanding in excess of 11MJ of energy, confirmed by KEMA® testing
  • Tested and certified to the highest North American standard for ground-level seismic levels, CBC-2013 section 1705A.12 and IBC 2012 section 1705.12, tested to (an acceleration value of) SDS = 2.5
  • Superior zinc epoxy primer and black epoxy top coat paint with 10,000 hour salt-spray certification

Controlled High Energy Tank Design Sequence

Controlled High Energy Tank Design Sequence

Application Overview

GE's Safe-NET Network Transformers are used in applications where safety, reliability, service continuity and minimum maintenance are the key objective including:

  • Underground metropolitan vault applications
  • Government, commercial, institutional and industrial facilities
  • Office towers, skyscrapers
  • Vault applications with occasional/continuous submersion

Safe-NET can also be applied to non-network applications where superior sealing and corrosion protection are of primary importance. These non-network applications also include intertie [step] transformers for interconnecting two different voltage systems.

Advanced Technology and Manufacturing Assembly of Interior cabling and barwork

Advanced Technology and Manufacturing

State-of-the-art 600,000 square-foot manufacturing facility comprised of operations such metal fabrication, welding, core assembly, and coatings. The manufacturing site is ISO 9001 certified and conducts quality inspections for purchased and outsourced materials. The manufacturing facility is located in Shreveport, LA and serves customers around the world.

Exceptional Quality and Reliability

  • ISO 9001 certified processes
  • ANSI compliant products available
  • 3rd party product certifications
  • Multiple checkpoints in the production, assembly and inspection process
  • Rigorous electrical, oil quality, and leak testing
  • Special testing such as heat run and sound tests with reporting capability available
  • On-site GE quality engineers and technicians