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Generator Step-up Transformers

GE’s generator step-up (GSU) transformers are designed and manufactured to stringent standards, providing superior performance and long life. They are suitable for nuclear, thermal and hydraulic applications from small to high voltages with power ratings from 5 MVA to 1000 MVA. The step-up transformers have delta-connected LV windings energized by the generator voltage, while star connected HV windings are connected to the transmission lines.

Constantly faced with voltage changes either due to load rejection or switching operations, followed by generator over excitation, the transformer must also maintain the ability to withstand over-loads. The high rated current involved requires absolute control of the magnetic field inside the tank to avoid localized overheating of associated metallic parts. All of these situations are taken into account by GE during the design process of individual units and are tested with state-of-the-art techniques.

Thanks to our specific know-how coupled with state-of-the-art modeling and design tools, GE is able to provide solutions that meet unique power requirements with every installation.

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