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Circuit Breakers

GE is one of the top circuit breaker suppliers in the world. Our products include a range of live tank circuit breakers (up to 800 kV), dead tank circuit breakers (up to 550 kV), as well as hybrid and compact switchgear assemblies. We also provide solutions for power generation applications with our generator circuit breakers for installations up to 1,500 MW.

Live Tank Circuit Breakers Live Tank Circuit Breakers
Available in both single or three pole operated design and tested according to international standards, our live tank circuit breaker portfolio ranges from 36 kV up to 1,100 kV.
Live Tank Circuit Breakers
HVDC Switches HVDC Switches
GE's offers fast switches developed based on the highest standards of performance, ratings, user convenience and reliability for all HVDC applications up to 800 kV.
HVDC Switches
Dead Tank Circuit Breakers Dead Tank Circuit Breakers
GE's dead tank circuit breakers are available for single or three pole operation, qualified to IEEE and IEC standards and available from 38 kV up to 550 kV.
Dead Tank Circuit Breakers
Generator Circuit Breakers Generator Circuit Breakers
Flexible generator circuit breaker solutions for new and refurbished power plants up to 50,000 A and 1,500 MW.
Generator Circuit Breakers
Hybrid Switchgear Hybrid Switchgear
GE's HYpact is a hybrid, compact switchgear assembly designed for space and cost savings.
Hybrid Switchgear
Compact Switchgear Compact Switchgear
GE’s modular compact switchgear system combines a circuit breaker, disconnector and other equipment on a common frame.
Compact Switchgear
Circuit Breaker Digital Solutions Circuit Breaker Digital Solutions
Digital solutions providing advanced asset condition monitoring and control solutions to maximize asset life while lowering costs.
Circuit Breaker Digital Solutions