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Holistic solutions for the next generation of oil, gas, and chemical operations

The oil and gas industry is evolving at a rate never seen before, facing shifting pricing levels, ever-changing regulatory requirements, and increased environmental consciousness. Through reliable, safe, and innovative solutions and a holistic service offering, GE can help the energy sector thrive in this changing reality.

Reliable partnership in times of change

The Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) projects global crude oil demand to steadily increase to 109 million barrels per day by 2045, with transportation fuels such as gasoline and diesel expected to remain the most consumed products. As the industry adapts to the world’s changing needs, the future outlook is one of opportunity.

To balance operational efficiency and productivity, you need equipment and support that provides actionable intelligence. At GE, that is our priority. Our full range of products and service offerings for upstream, midstream, and downstream industry segments help enhance process up-time, while lowering costs to maximize per barrel profitability.

Onshore and Offshore Production Map

Put GE's technology to work for you

Designed and manufactured with the highest quality standards, GE's industry leading portfolio of products and services is customizable to your needs.

High Voltage Equipment

High Voltage Equipment

  • Broad range of low, medium, and high voltage power equipment. Deep experience with utility operations is a key advantage for customers requiring grid-connected or off-grid operation of their power system.
  • Products include live and dead tank circuit breakers, as well as gas insulated switchgear. Generator circuit breakers for installations up to 1,500 MW, as well as instrument, current, and voltage transformers for a range of industrial applications.
  • High-quality, reliable equipment manufactured in the US and backed by a five-year warranty, plus expertise and customized support in retrofit solutions.


  • Asset performance management—including asset optimization strategies, oil analysis, and innovative inspection technologies—for maximum operation and control.
  • Flexible service agreements and packages ensure energy efficiency, reliability, and safety to help keep critical equipment running.
  • Engineering and consulting services and end-to-end support to assist you with your power protection, substation automation, and monitoring challenges.
Asset Monitoring

Asset Monitoring

  • Advanced analytics detect potential failure earlier while maintaining quality of operations. Increase efficiency of critical processes, including increasing profits, reducing waste, and improving failure prediction.
  • GE’s Perception Fleet software, combined with selected GE monitoring and diagnostics and protection and control devices, provides a complete protection, control, and monitoring solution.
  • Wide range of device options and quality metering solutions, meter enclosures, and power energy visualization for highly accurate energy monitoring and quality reporting.
Protection Relays

Protection Relays

  • Full portfolio of reliable protection and control products for the complete range of primary assets in the substation as well as within plant level electrical distribution.
  • Ease-of-use and effortless maintenance with many of our product families offering modular draw-out design, field-swappable power supplies, and no electrolytic capacitors power supply options.
  • Market leader in motor protection with Electrical Signature Analysis functionality through electrical, thermal, and GE’s patented mechanical signature analysis, in an all-in-one-box design.


  • Communication products and services, such as hardened wireless devices, industrial-grade fiber multiplexers, and high-density Ethernet switches for reliable performance in extreme conditions.
  • Purpose-built network management solutions and diagnostics for an intuitive, user-friendly way to monitor assets, prevent downtime, and rapidly respond to equipment problems.
Advanced Automation Applications

Advanced Automation Applications

  • Reduce unplanned downtime and energy costs with solutions that enable fast load shedding, supporting facility electrical system stability in critical situations.
  • Microgrid control solutions to ensure that your facility can run in either grid-connected or islanded mode as needed, reducing performance issues and associated expenses while preserving power reliability.
  • Reduce unplanned downtime and cost through peak shaving with GE’s predictive motor fault detection and PowerNode solutions.
AC Solutions

AC Solutions

  • Integrated, turnkey substation solutions that include GIS, power transformers, circuit breakers, connectors, controllers, reclosers, and other crucial equipment.
  • Integrated solutions provide step-function advantages over the procurement and maintenance of separate elements.
  • Green, more environmentally friendly solutions for transformers ranging from 10 to 500 MVA and ratings up to 550 kV.

Product Solutions for the Oil, Gas, and Chemical Industries

Power Quality & Revenue Metering

From power quality measurement to revenue quality metering, GE's metering devices enable the reliable and efficient use of energy in your operations. Whether you’re identifying and eliminating power inefficiencies to achieve cost savings, monitoring for harmonics and voltage balance for optimal motor health, or seeking to improve overall power quality in your facility, we offer a range of solutions to meet a variety of needs and budgets.

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