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Efficiently and effectively connect generation to the grid

Utilities today seek to create and connect new sources of power generation to meet growing global demand, while also managing grid reliability, costs and regulatory factors.

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  • Hybrid Electric Gas Turbine

    GE’s Hybrid EGT solutions can help increase asset utilization, and reduce emissions and costs.

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  • Solar Explorer

    Discover the challenges of utility-scale solar implementations and GE's full system solutions.

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  • Microgrid Explorer

    Improve grid resiliency and availability for critical infrastructure and remote areas.

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  • Grid Stability – Challenges and Solutions

    Learn about the implications of grid instability, and why there’s an urgent need to reinforce the grid.

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  • Wind Multi-Plant Coordination

    GE’s Energy Consulting Senior Engineer, Matt Richwine, discusses insights gained by experience on wind multi-plant coordination.

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  • Power Markets

    Learn about the impact of renewables on energy markets and GE's integration experience.

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  • Electrical Balance of Plant

    Learn about today’s challenges for delivering power quickly and reliably, and GE’s solution.

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  • Battery Energy Storage Solution

    Utilities face challenges integrating renewable energy into aged and evolving networks. GE’s battery storage provides innovative solutions.

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  • Hybrid EGT Solutio

    Watch this interview at the unveiling of the world’s first Hybrid EGT

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  • Implementing DERs

    DERs are revolutionizing how consumers and prosumers value electricity and provide new opportunities for utilities.

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  • Managing the Impacts of Solar

    By implementing GE’s DERM system companies can manage the impact of distributed generation.

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  • Multi-megawatt Battery Storage Substations

    Renewable energies are increasingly being integrated into transmission grids with innovative solutions.

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