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Reliable protection, control, automation, metering & communication solutions for the world's most essential resource

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Reliable protection solutions

Water is central not just to the economy, but to life. As a result, water treatment systems demand secure, dependable power to ensure process uptime. From the grid-connected substation to reliable electrical protection, control, and power quality metering, GE offers tailored solutions to keep critical plants operational and meet the unique needs of the water and wastewater industry.

Optimize resources and enhance asset performance

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency estimates that drinking water and wastewater systems account for approximately 3% to 4% of energy use in the US.¹ It's no wonder then that energy efficiency is a key priority within the sector. With efficient energy management systems and accurate metering, GE can help plants run closer to peak efficiency, including tracking power quality which impacts electrical and control systems.

From the incoming substation and electrical balance of plant, to advanced monitoring, controls, and services, our solutions work to help keep the world's water systems running.

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Put GE's technology to work for you

Designed and manufactured with the highest quality standards, GE's industry leading portfolio of products and services is customizable to your needs.


Protection & Control

  • Field-proven portfolio of protection, automation, and control equipment, including motor and feeder relays, specifically designed for harsh environments
  • Comprehensive arc flash protection to enhance site safety and maintenance efficacy
  • Available large graphical displays that are easy to use and navigate
Metering solutions

Metering Solutions

  • Revenue quality metering solutions, meter enclosures, and powerful energy visualization for highly accurate energy monitoring and quality reporting
  • Wide range of device options covering power quality, power measurement, and data logging capabilities

Industrial Strength Communications

  • Broad portfolio of industrially hardened communication networking solutions
  • Secure, deterministic wireless solutions support licensed and unlicensed frequencies
  • Industrial-grade support for public and private LTE
  • Wireless solutions offer an economical upgrade to more advanced communicating protection, automation, control, and metering systems


  • Service packages to ensure reliability, site safety, and keep equipment running smoothly
  • World-class support, consulting, and training to help maximize asset performance and reliability

Product Solutions for the Water Industry

Motor Protection

Motors are at the heart of every water plant – from compressors to grinders to pumps. GE's Multilin (339, 369, 859, 869, MM300 and MM200) and MiCOM P40 (P24x, P24xM) platforms offer a range of protection options to help keep capital equipment running, reducing repair costs and avoiding losses from unplanned downtime. Built-in integrated monitoring, environmental monitoring, and advanced diagnostics that include electrical signature analysis capabilities on our 859 and 869 models take predictive maintenance to the next level, allowing customers to get ahead of future problems. Our relays come with standard and optional conformal coating to resist damage from harsh environments. Additionally, the 369 and 859 motor relays include GE patented backspin protection for lift pump and other high head applications.

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