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Utility Power Sensing - A complete line of instrument transformers designed and built for the specific requirements of the electrical utility industry
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  Low Voltage
Medium Voltage Utility Solutions
GE’s ITI business provides a complete line of instrument transformers for the electrical utility industry, offering customers a broad choice in selecting MV instrument transformers. All transformers meet IEEE C57.13-2008 and CAN/CSA 60044 insulation level standards and IEEE C12.11 dimension standards, and are produced in our ISO 9001 certified facilities in Clearwater, Florida and Somersworth, NH.
The premier insulation from GE for MV outdoor & indoor instrument transformers. With over 60 years of proven field experience, several unique design features provide enhanced safety and legendary durability. Available from 5-69kV.

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MV outdoor current & voltage transformers with Hydrophobic Cycloaliphatic Epoxy (HCEP) are available at 15kV. GE combines HCEP resin and Automated Pressure Gelation (APG) process technology to produce a high quality, reliable instrument transformer.

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Polyurethane indoor transformers
Designed for indoor service, GE’s line of polyurethane instrument transformers are available from 5-35kV. GE’s vertical integration and full staff of design engineers allows for unique, competitive solutions for all customer needs at the fastest lead times in the industry.

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Overhead Primary Metering Assemblies
Overhead Primary Metering Assemblies
GE offers customers a complete solution for overhead primary metering. Every order is customized for each users specific needs. From simple assemblies including 1 VT, 1 CT and mounting on a frame to complex 3 phase assemblies including wiring, junction boxes, arrestors, test switches, conduit etc.

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