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Perception Fleet
Transformer Fleet Risk Management Software System

Continuing its legacy in providing innovative solutions, Perception™ Fleet is GE's Online Transformer Fleet Management Software System that provides a revolutionary and holistic approach for transformer fleet assessments for utilities and industrial customers around the globe.

Perception Fleet is a smart, simplified and standards-based software system that moves customers from a manual, one-on-one transformer assessment process to an automated and online fleet management assessment. By evaluating the condition of assets and establishing their risk of failure, Perception Fleet is able to prioritize and rank assets within a fleet.

The Perception Fleet software with web browser interface provides customers comprehensive transformer fleet condition rankings, transformer risk information, and expert analysis on-demand, removing time-consuming and costly manual processes as well as unnecessary maintenance, helping focus capital and reduce operational expenses.

Perception Fleet

Key benefits Smart management Simple diagnostics Standards-based Web interface Specifications
Key Benefits

GE Transformer
Transformer Fleet Replacement Strategy
  • Provides a clear strategic view for asset replacement across the entire fleet
  • Tracks the fleet risk index over time to show the improving overall condition of the fleet
  • Allows for flexible and scalable transformer fleet risk management
Condition-Based Maintenance Program
Condition-Based Maintenance Program
  • Provides the insight required to shift from costly time-based maintenance to cost effective and focused condition-based maintenance
  • Reduces ambiguity and the need to speculate regarding budget requirements
  • Reduces OPEX usage on assets to only as required
Automated Data Analysis
Automated Data Analysis
  • Reduces time required to gather, amalgamate, analyze and interpret transformer diagnostic data
  • Provides intelligent algorithms to determine each transformer's condition, and ranks the transformers in the fleet based on their risks
  • Reduces reliance on transformer expertise that is rapidly being lost
A Smart Transformer Fleet Management System

Perception Fleet is a smart software solution designed to provide a comprehensive condition evaluation of a transformer fleet. Perception Fleet can analyze and interpret data in order to determine a transformers risk without the need for expert data analysis. Full technical analysis is also instantly available for transformer technical expert use.

This is accomplished by gathering, amalgamating, analyzing and interpreting the data held on transformers utilizing GE's online monitoring devices and offline data. The data is analyzed using intelligent algorithms for condition anomalies and characteristics to determine the transformers risk. Each transformer is then assigned a risk index, and they are ranked based on their criticality and risk of failure.

Utilising and evaluating data taken from GE's online multi gas, single gas and bushing monitoring equipment. Perception Fleet performs an automate risk analysis of transformers focusing on dissolved gas analysis (DGA) of insulation oil, tap changer insulation oil DGA, bushing capacitance, bushing power factor and partial discharge.

The transformer insulation oil properties and quality is also evaluated based on the results received from labs for manually sampled transformer oil. Perception Fleet's specific offline oil algorithm uses oil analysis techniques outlined by standards, working groups, committees and industry experts to evaluate the condition of the transformer where online monitoring is not available.

Due to the increased and varied level of information provided in lab results Perception Fleet is capable of evaluating a wealth of information beyond pure DGA, as outlined in the brochure.

The automated import facility enables not only the users but their labs to seamlessly update Perception Fleet with the latest data for a manual oil sample analysis. Perception Fleet then performs an automated analysis and evaluation of the newly imported data without the need for any operator interaction.

As well as analysing manually sampled oil data, the offline algorithm can also perform an analysis of oil information from 3rd party online monitors or software applications. The algorithm determines the data available in the imported CSV file received from the 3rd party and performs an evaluation.

GE Perception Fleet - A Smart Transformer Fleet Management System

Simple Management with Dashboards and Diagnostics

In a world of intelligent and powerful monitoring devices, customers face the problem of data overload making it hard for operators and other users to recognize changes, identify abnormal conditions and react quickly. Perception has used cognitive techniques to build its dashboards for rapid recognition of any change and with extensive use of the traffic light approach that empowers users with at-a-glance recognition of key indicators or important condition changes optimizing reaction time.

The fleet dashboard provides a comprehensive overview of the transformer fleet, highlighting which transformers are being monitored and risk assessed, how many monitoring devices are experiencing alarms, the overall fleet risk index history and the critical events occurring within the fleet. The device summary dashboard automatically self-configures to show, the most important data from all available online monitoring devices in a simple and concise design.

Simple Management with Dashboards and Diagnostics

Standards-Based Management

Perception Fleet incorporates several internationally recognized standards for dissolved gas analysis. These standards are widely considered as the best in class and are attired to by transformer technical experts throughout the world.

The algorithms used in Perception Fleet automatically apply these standards along with best practice techniques against the dissolved gas data received by the GE online monitoring device. By combining these standards within the algorithms, the software is able to calculate the transformers risk index and score. The algorithm assigned to a transformer can also be weighted in terms of its importance and its sensitive to the parameters adjusted - these adjustments have a direct impact on the algorithm and affects the final risk index and risk score applied to each transformer. Perception Fleet's standards-based algorithms Include:

For a list of all that standards that Perception Fleet is certified to please view the brochure.

GE Perception Fleet - Standards-Based Management

Web Interface

Perception Web is a web browser interface for Perception Fleet that provides critical fleet and transformers information via any modern web browser application running on any platform. By using a web browser to interface with Perception Fleet; Perception Web removes the need to install Perception Desktop thereby simplifying and speeding up the Perception Fleet deployment and roll-out process. The information provided via Perception Web is perfect for any user who is interested in viewing the critical fleet and transformer data.

As well as running on a desktop or laptop platform, Perception Web can also be viewed on any Smart Phone or Tablet. The data displays provided by Perception Web are designed to automatically adapt to suit the screen size of the device.

Perception Web can be configured to run as an Intranet or Internet service. The Internet configuration allows users to access and browse the Perception Web data from anywhere on a device with an Internet connection securely. When configured for Intranet access users must be connected to their organisations network infrastructure directly or via a VPN.

Perception Web provides access to the following critical data:

Fleet Overview
The fleet overview provides a comprehensive overview of the transformer fleet

Asset Wallboards
The wallboard provides a virtual representation of your fleet's alarm status

Transformer Dashboards
The transformer dashboard displays the critical data captured for the transformer

Asset Hierarchy
  • Visual representation of the network of areas, substations, transformers and online monitors as preconfigured in Perception Fleet via the Perception Desktop application.
  • Click through on an Area or Substation asset to show associated Wallboard.
  • Click through on transformer asset to show associated Wallboard or Transformer Dashboard.
Technical Specifications

Perception Fleet - Technical Specifications