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Multiple Gas Transformer DGA

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Multiple Gas Transformer DGA

Comprehensive on-line monitoring enabling full remote diagnostics and assured decision making.

Kelman DGA 900 PLUS

Kelman DGA 900 PLUS On-line DGA device monitoring all 9 fault gases plus moisture with dedicated options for Transformer Models / Cooling / OLTC and Bushing monitoring.

Kelman DGA 900

Kelman DGA 900 On-line DGA device monitoring all 9 fault gases plus moisture. The Kelman DGA 900 features an innovative two enclosure design, local/remote HMI and expandable analog/digital I/Os.


Kelman DGA 900 TAPTRANS The Kelman DGA 900 TAPTRANS is a patented designed specifically for transformers with an On-Load Tap Changer (OLTC), which is recognized as one of the most vulnerable parts of the transformer and which accounts for a large portion of unplanned outages.


Kelman DGA 900 MULTITRANS The Kelman DGA 900 MULTITRANS offers a discrete multigas on-line DGA and moisture monitoring across three adjacent single phase transformers, enabling a very cost effective monitoring solution.


TRANSFIX DGA 500 On-line DGA monitoring device that measures five individual dissolved gases and moisture and provides both on-line monitoring and key exploratory diagnostics.


Kelman MINITRANS Entry level discrete gas DGA device monitoring 3 significant fault gases plus moisture.


Kelman TRANSPORT X2 Compact portable system that is designed for laboratory quality Dissolved Gas Analysis (DGA) on manually taken samples from transformers filled with mineral oil and ester fluids. It allows fast diagnostics in less than 30 mins through an improved graphical touchscreen user interface.

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