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MultiSync 100 1588 GPS Clock - Legacy
Modernize time synchronization for power systems

Manufacturing for the MultiSync 100 has been discontinued, replaced by the Reason RT43x range of satellite clocks.

Accurate time synchronization is required to coordinate the actions of protective relays, generator controllers, distributed resources, power system controllers, energy storage, and microgrids. Every device must be synchronized to the same time source to ensure coordinated action. Traditional time synchronization methods have shortcomings, such as the separate analog copper wiring required for IRIG-B or the lower accuracy of SNTP/NTP over Ethernet networks.

The MultiSync™ 100 uses the IEEE Standard 1588-2008 for Precision Clock Synchronization Protocols used in Networked Measurement and Control Systems, as well as the C37.238-2011 IEEE Standard Profile used in Precision Time Protocols within Power System Applications. As a result, the MultiSync 100 provides highly accurate time synchronization, and allows for the gradual retirement of less accurate or more costly methods.

Key Benefits

  • Supports latest 1588-2008 and C37.238-2011 standards for Ethernet-based time synchronization
  • Upgrade existing substations to 1588 support without replacing existing time synchronization infrastructure
  • Provides accurate time synchronization for protection and control applications through Multilink Ethernet switches, Universal Relays, and 8-Series relays
  • Designed and tested specifically for rugged environments such as utility substations
Time Synchronization
1588 Upgrade
End-to-End 1588
Ease of Configuration
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Cost-Effective, Accurate Time Synchronization

Accurate time synchronization is becoming a critical requirement in today’s power system substations. For example:

There are two different challenges to the traditional method for time synchronization. The first is that time synchronization has been implemented by connecting end devices to a local satellite clock. This synchronizes all elements in a specific substation together, but this may not be adequate for system wide applications like synchrophasors. The second challenge is that accurate time synchronization has required a dedicated time network.

The most common method employed which provides the accuracy required is IRIB-G. IRIG-B sends out analog pulses, which requires a dedicated analog network built on copper wiring. This network must be installed separately, and is challenged by voltage drop due to distance and the number of connected devices, as well as electrical interference. SNTP/NTP can send time synchronization signals via an Ethernet network, but does not account for switching time delays, and therefore doesn’t meet the accuracy requirements. IEEE 1588 time synchronization provides accuracy to the same level as IRIG-B, over existing Ethernet networks like NTP.

IEEE 1588 Upgrade

IEEE 1588-2008 is the technical solution designed to provide cost effective time synchronization from devices in a substation up to the whole utility grid. The challenge to implementing 1588 in a substation is interfacing with devices that only support legacy time synchronization methods. The MultiSync 100 1588 GPS Clock is a cost-effective solution to this challenge. Compact size, with DIN rail mounting, provides great flexibility in installation. Network and analog output ports allow interfacing into legacy time synchronization networks while simultaneously providing IEEE 1588 signals.

The MultiSync 100 supports common network time synchronization methods, including IEEE 1588, C37.238 and SNTP/NTP. The MultiSync 100 also supports common analog methods of time synchronization, including IRIG-B, TTL, and user defined pulse methods. The network and analog methods can be supported simultaneously in the MultiSync 100. One compact, affordable MultiSync 100 GPS Clock can provide timing synchronization for 1588 compliant devices and legacy devices in the substation, providing a simple, low cost upgrade path.

IRIG-B is a separate analog communication network just for timing.
Upgrade to 1588 over Ethernet while maintaining existing timing network for installed relays.

End-to-End Solution for IEEE 1588

The MultiSync 100 is part of a complete end-to-end 1588 time synchronization solution for power system substations and industrial applications. This solution includes:

One compact, affordable MultiSync 100 GPS Clock can provide timing synchronization for 1588 compliant devices and legacy devices in the substation, providing a simple, low cost upgrade path.

Ease of Configuration

Configuration screen for MultiSync 100.

The MultiSync 100 provides intuitive software to completely configure all aspects of the clock, as well as to display time synchronization data.

Timing and synchronization options include:

Programmable digital outputs include:

Programmable analog outputs include:

Connection Drawings