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269 and 269Plus - LEGACY
Motor Management Relay

Manufacturing for these products has been discontinued. As an alternative, please refer to the 859 or 369 relay.

The 269 Plus is a microprocessor based product designed to provide complete and accurate protection for industrial motors and their associated mechanical systems. The 269 Plus monitors the rotor and stator winding temperatures and shuts off the motor when thermal limits are exceeded.It also shuts down the motor when it detects a potentially damaging or hazardous condition. All RTD inputs not used for stator winding protection can have individual settings for temperature monitoring functions. This allows both motor and driven load bearings to be monitored by the relay.

  • Three phase AC motors
  • Protection and Control
  • Stator winding overtemperature
  • Bearing overtemperature
  • Multiple starts
  • Overloads
  • 8 standard overload curves
  • User defined overload FlexCurve™
  • Locked rotor
  • Rapid trip/mechanical jam
  • Unbalance/single phasing
  • Short circuit
  • Ground fault
  • Undercurrent
  • Phase reversal (meter option)
  • Variable lock-out time
  • Latched main trip relay, alarm relay
  • 2 auxiliary relays
  • Emergency restart capability
  • Pre-trip alarm warnings
  • Upgrade to 859
    Upgrade to 369

    Direct Replacement for Multilin 169, 269, 269Plus and 369 Protection & Control Relays

    The Multilin 859 is the only relay that offers a seamless, direct replacement for existing Multilin protection relays. Designed to fit the same mechanical cut and accept the same wiring connectors (applicable to 369 relays), the 859 provides a simplified replacement strategy – eliminating the need for drawing changes, re-wiring, and door modifications. While also significantly reducing any staff training requirements. Additional one-to-one wiring maps are available for other legacy Multilin motor protection relays, and automated setting file conversion and analysis tools ensure reduced configuration time and effort.

    Easy 3-Step Process to Upgrade from 369 to 859, in as fast as 30 minutes

    Step 1. Update settings file

    EnerVista 8 Series Setup Software provides automated setting file conversion. Once completed, the relay provides a graphical report to verify and call out any specific settings that might need attention

    Step 2. Replace relay

    Simply unplug left and right terminal connectors and unscrew the upper and lower terminal wires to remove the 369 relay from the panel. No need to disconnect any of the field wiring*

    Step 3. Plug & play reconnection

    Mount the new 859 relay into the switchgear, plug in the old terminal blocks and reconnect the upper and lower terminal wires – there is no need to make any cut-outs modifications or push and pull old cables

    * The panel and all wiring must be deenergized and safety procedures followed

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    269Plus Motor Management Relay

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