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BUS1000/2000 Bus Bar Protection

The BUS 1000/2000 is a solid state, high speed protection system for the detection of phase-to-phase and phase-to-ground faults on bus bar installations. It can be used to protect high voltage bus bar installations of any voltage.

BUS 2000 models add to the functionality of the BUS 1000 through the metering, monitoring, event recording, waveform capture, and IRIG-B time synchronization capabilities of the DMS metering and monitoring module.

End-of-life Notice: The BUS 1000/2000 relays have been discontinued as of March 31, 2014
Read full notice: English | Spanish


  • Protection of HV bus bar installations
  • Single or multiple bus bar Protection
  • Differential overcurrent with percentage restraint
  • Stabilizing resistors
  • Very sensitive differential overcurrent function
  • Optional breaker failure function
  • Optional overcurrent supervision
  • Independent trip and alarm outputs
  • Optional 27
  • Optional 59

  • Monitoring and Metering
  • Event record
  • IRIG-B time synchronization
  • Monitoring function

  • User Interface
  • Test points for ease of installation
  • Optional test system
  • Two RS232 communication ports