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C90Plus - Legacy

Manufacturing for C90Plus Bay Controller has been discontinued. As an alternative, please refer to the C60 with Firmware 7.7 or newer and User Interface Option E: 7” Graphical Front Panel Display.

Manufacturing for C90Plus Fast Load Shed has been discontinued. Please contact us to discuss alternatives.

The Multilin™ C90Plus is a powerful automation controller that eliminates the need for several external devices, such as substation programmable logic controllers and disturbance recorders. Highly customizable and scalable, C90Plus is designed for blackout and emergency events in transmission and industrial power systems. The C90Plus features intelligent high-end and fast load shedding, bay protection and control, and comprehensive communications.

Key Benefits
  • High-end load shedding with multiple stages of frequency and voltage
  • Highly customizable and scalable
  • Consolidated functionality eliminates requirement for separate devices
  • Synchronized phasor information
  • HMI with pre-configured and customizable displays
  • High-end fault and disturbance recording

  • Applications
  • Advanced bay control and monitoring
  • Fast, power-balance load shed
  • Frequency and voltage load shed
  • Custom bus transfer schemes
  • Substation alarm concentrator, annunciator, and controller
  • Advanced automation schemes such as bus transfer
  • Stand-alone breaker protection and monitoring

  • Bay control and monitoringFast load shedCommunicationsSoftware and securityWhat's new

      Key Features    
  • Dedicated automation controller with 4000 lines of logic
  • Powerful math, control and Boolean operators
  • Multiple stages for under/over and rate of frequency protection for load shedding
  • Dedicated protection logic at 1 msec execution rate
  • Dedicated HMI for breaker and disconnect control
  • Multi-breaker synchrocheck with single/three-pole autoreclosing
  • Dual-breaker failure protection
  • Direct and teleprotection elements using the inter-relay communication card
  • CT and VT monitoring
  • Metering – current, voltage, frequency, power, energy and phasors
  • Fault recorder – 256 samples/cycle, 30 sec of storage capacity
  • Disturbance recorder – 1 sample/cycle, 5 min of storage capacity
  • Event recorder – 8000 time tagged event, with 0.5 ms scan of digital inputs
  • Comprehensive display of metering, phasors, maintenance and fault information in the front panel
  •   Advanced Bay Control
      The C90Plus bay control or monitoring functionality is intended for high-end bay control applications typically used in transmission installations, where a larger quantity of I/O, advanced protection and control functionality and an advanced HMI is desired.
    C90 Block Diagram
    C90 Block Diagram
      Fast Load Shed Benefits
  • Fast optimal load shedding executed within 20ms
  • Intelligently sheds loads to maintain system/process integrity
  • Highly customizable and scalable, integrating easily into most industrial plants with new or existing EMS/SCADA
  • Optional stand-alone system with local HMI for viewing dedicated system status and reports
  • Suitable for small or large industrial systems without re-design
  • Easy to use system where settings and priorities can be configured within seconds
    fast Load Shed

    Conventional frequency and voltage load shedding schemes operate typically between 250ms to seconds. Contingency-based load shedding schemes are typically faster at 160 – 400 ms, depending on both system architecture and communications employed. Both these scheme types are too slow for industrial cogeneration applications such as oil and gas or manufacturing, where very fast load shedding is required for power system and critical process integrity.

    End-to-end execution mode under 20ms
    Digital fault recorder summary with the latest information on the events, faults, transients and disturbances.
    Recording capability
    There are three recorders available within the C90Plus that eliminate the need for other stand-alone recording equipment. The transient recorder allows for a high sampling rate usually to capture power system faults and system transients. The disturbance recorder is used to capture longer records in order to understand issues such as voltage sags or swells. Lastly, the C90Plus is equipped with a powerful and accurate Sequence of Event (SOE) recorder. Information for all three recorders can be accessed either through the front panel HMI or through EnerVista™ Launchpad Software.
    Deterministic automation
    A power system is a real-time system in which time and accuracy of every control should be considered critical. C90Plus operating systems ensure that every action and control is scheduled properly and beforehand to guarantee that nothing is missed nor delayed. This intelligence inside the C90Plus handles both protection trip commands as well as any other logic written for execution as per its programmed timeline. No more delays or missed timelines when it comes to control because the processor is “busy” or otherwise.

  • Dedicated automation controller with 4000 lines of logic at a deterministic 50 msec execution rate
  • Powerful math, control and Boolean operators to support the automation logic engine
  • 10 stages of under/over frequency protection for load shedding
  • 4 stages of rate of change of frequency for load shedding
  • 6 stages of under-voltage elements for load shedding
  • Automated load shedding detection and initiation
    The C90Plus supports an advanced automation logic engine that supports Boolean operators, analog comparisons, and advanced mathematical operations.
      Key Features  
  • HMI can show fault reports to local operators, enabling quick access to time sensitive information
  • Customizable annunciator panel, capable of handling up to 288 alarms using a pallet of 16 colors
  • Front panel display of results from the self-tests performed, allowing easy maintenance and viewing of critical indications
  • Access product information, such as IP addresses and serial numbers, without the need to connect to the unit
  • Increase network availability by reducing failover time to zero through IEC62439-3 “PRP” support
  • IP addresses and serial numbers of each module are also accessible without the need to connect to the unit
  • Full color customizable local HMI allowing easy and secure control
  • HMI-equipped with pre-built screens or configurable to display any single diagram
  • Reliable communication card with automatic failover and extremely fast redundant schemes
  • Inter-relay communication card enables implementation of pilot schemes based on standard communication protocols
  • Both “Direct” and “Teleprotection” I/O elements

    Advanced communications
    The C90Plus provides for secure remote data and engineering access, making it easy and flexible to use and integrate into new and existing infrastructures. Fiber optic Ethernet provides high-bandwidth communications allowing for low-latency controls and high-speed file transfers of relay fault and event record information. The availability of three independently configurable Ethernet options provide the means to create fault tolerant communication architectures in an easy, cost-effective manner. The C90Plus supports the most popular industry standard protocols enabling easy, direct integration into SCADA systems.
  • IEC 61850
  • DNP 3.0
  • Ethernet Global Data (EGD)
  • IEC 60870-5-104
  • Modbus RTU, Modbus TCP/IP
  • PRP as per IEC 62439-3
    Front panel
      C90Plus front panel
    Key Features

    HMI Display Security
  • Display fault reports and self-test results, enabling quick access to time sensitive information
  • Customizable annunciator panel, capable of handling up to 288 alarms using a pallet of 16 colors
  • Access product information, such as IP addresses and serial numbers, without the need to connect to the unit
  • HMI equipped with pre-built screens or could be configured to display any single diagram
  • Dual permission access, requiring live permission from both the user and from SCADA operators
  • Remote and local setting and control passwords
  • Configurable lockouts to unsuccessful password access attempts
  • Successful password access logged in Events Record
  • Logging of user commands in the security audit trail report creates a record and sequence of events log for troubleshooting and security auditing

    Enervista software
    The EnerVista™ suite is an industry-leading set of software programs that simplifies every aspect of using the C90Plus relay. The EnerVista™suite provides all the tools to monitor the status of the protected asset, maintain the relay, and integrate information measured by the C90Plus into DCS or SCADA monitoring systems. Convenient COMTRADE and Sequence of Events viewers are an integral part of the UR setup software included with every UR relay, to carry out postmortem event analysis and ensure proper protection system operation. Learn More
    Triggering a waveform on each breaker operation can identify changes in the length of time eah part or mechanism in the breaker takes to perform its function
    Security - enabling NERC CIP compliance
    Access Control
    Multilin devices and relays are designed with simple but powerful security to enable reliability and compliance for virtually any project or implementation. With support for multi-level permissions and multi-factor supervisory controls, Multilin devices can help you manage the integrity of your system during commissioning, testing, implementation, and beyond. The UR and URPlus families provide separate authentication for settings and commands to the system. In addition, as discrete authentications for local and remote access they also provide supervisory control factor that can lock or unlock a device for configuration changes and other modifications.
    Intrusion Detection
    Multilin’s family of protection and control products can also help enable your security perimeter and intrusion detection programs. By providing essential alarming and logging of critical events, Multilin devices can help you detect potential breaches within your system and allow you to respond quickly and effectively. Specifically, unsuccessful access attempts are logged, alarmed, and lead to potential attackers being locked out. This ensures the reliability of your system during questionable activity, and a control factor that can lock or unlock a device for configuration changes and other modifications.
    Auditing and Reporting
    With the security audit trail reporting feature and support for event logging of key activities such as configuration changes, Multilin devices can help ensure device and protection system integrity, and perform forensic auditing of activities and changes for compliance.
    Secure auditing and reporting
    Fast load shed Fast Load Shed
    The C90Plus Automation Control System with fast load shed is a powerful automation control system that eliminates the need for several separate devices. Performing intelligent high-end and fast optimal load shedding, the C90Plus is highly customizable and scalable.
    communications icon

    Communications & HMI
    - Enhanced HMI and annunciator panels on the front of the C90Plus make it one of the most powerful human machine interfaces on local units

    - Three new Inter-Relay Communication (IRC) cards enable the URPlus devices to support pilot-schemes based on standard communication protocols, and both “Direct” and “Tele­protection” inputs and output elements are available. The IRC cards can work on either schemes that demand direct URPlus-to-URPlus connection or schemes that have specialized communication devices between the line terminals (multiplexers, microwave, etc).

    - PRP as per IEC 62439-3
    protection icon Protection
    New small signal oscillation detection protection element. With increasingly large interconnected power systems, one of the technical challenges is the inter-area low frequency oscillations. Inter-area oscillations not only limit the amount of power transfer, but also threaten system security and equilibrium, as they may lead to system instability and cascading outages. Therefore, it is essential to identify the characteristics of the inter-area oscillations, including oscillation frequency and damping ratio, so that proper actions can be taken based on the results. This is required to improve system damping and maintain stability in the power system. The C90Plus can detect these inter-area oscillations and provide an alarm or even trip signal to prevent a large-scale system disturbance.
    lock icon Security Enhancements - Enabling NERC CIP compliance:
    - Support for alphanumeric passwords as per the CIP-007-02 cyber security standard.

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