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CIO Remote CAN I/O Module

The CAN bus Input/Output Module is a simple, robust device that provides additional input and output capabilities for GE Multilin's 650 family of relays. The CIO I/O capability can be doubled using a single CIO module with two boards. One CIO module, based on the ordering code, can handle as much as 32 inputs, 16 outputs, and 8 DC transducer inputs.

Connects through optical fiber to F650 and future relays from the 650 Family. Reduce operating time, and simplify wiring for auxiliary inputs and outputs.

Features and Benefits
  • Two modes of installation: front panel or back panel - High-speed CAN bus
  • EnerVista enabled - Programmed through 650 relay acting as a master device<
  • AC/DC universal power supply
  • Applications
  • Use in a system with the F650 relays, or other 650 Family devices, to replace some of the functionality of an RTU. Use a 650 System in combination with the CIO and benefit from the functions available in the 650 System - without the need of a communications processor - protection and control functions, power system report management, high-speed programmable local logic, direct engineering access, and more.
  • Use the 650 plus CIO solution, without communications processors, for higher reliability, lower cost, and more functions, instead of settling for an RTU.
  • Use the eight dc transducer inputs board to sense up to eight pressures, temperatures, fluid levels, or other process values to report these values to SCADA or DCS systems, or simple use them in the local automatic PLC Logic functions provided by the 650 System.
  • Use the CIO in substation and industrial environments; the CIO is designed to meet international standards and withstand vibration, electrical surges, radio interference, fast transients, and extreme temperatures.
  • Protection and Control
  • Add up to 32 inputs, 16 outputs, and 8 DC transducer inputs to an F650 Relay or any compatible system from the 650 Family of relays. The base unit includes eight digital outputs and sixteen digital inputs. Use each of two card positions for one of the following I/O cards:
  • 16 inputs + 8 outputs
  • 8 inputs + 8 outputs, 2 trip coil supervision
  • 32 digital inputs Available with Firmware Version 2.0
  • 16 digital inputs + 8 analog - Available with Firmware Version 2.0
  • Include the inputs and outputs from the CIO for local control functionality by means of PLC Logic Control Equations built and programmed according to the IEC 61131-3 language.