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EPM 5350
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EPM 5350 - Legacy
Power Metering System

GE Grid Solutions has discontinued sales of EPM 5350. As an alternative, please refer to EPM 6000.

The EPM 5350 advanced power meter measures voltage, current, power, energy, demand and harmonics with revenue accuracy. Like the EPM 5300, it adds advanced harmonics measurements including %THD, K-Factor and individual magnitudes and phase angles to the 31st order. In addition to the EPM 5300, it features Modbus TCP/IP open communication protocol to speed system integration on Ethernet LANs. It provides advanced control functions. The digital display is bright, easy to read, and requires no user training.

Key Benefits

  • Hundreds of true RMS measurements of voltage, current and power including bi-directional energy, and min/max on all electrical parameters
  • %THD and K-Factor measurements to the 31st order on all voltages and currents
  • Individual Magnitude and Phase Shift for each harmonic enables scope mode view of real-time waveforms
  • On-Board Ethernet Protocol with Standard Modbus TCP
  • Direct Internet or LAN Access
  • Bright LED display
  • ANSI Standard size for easy installation to new or retrofit panels
  • Advanced control features
  • KYZ Pulse for Energy
  • Ideal circuit monitoring for main feeds, branch circuits, gensets and equipment