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Multilin G100

Advanced Substation Gateway

GE’s G100 is part of the advanced Multi-function Controller Platform (MCP). This platform offers a high-capacity, secure, substation-hardened set of modular and expandable hardware and software components designed to simplify deployment, operation, and maintenance of automation systems.

The MCP makes it possible for a single device to host multiple functions and applications such as Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) Concentrator, Remote terminal Unit (RTU), Human Machine Interface, Advanced Cyber Security Features, Non-Operational Data Storage among others. Consolidation of functions reduces the cost of deployment and operation while increasing system reliability through a reduced number of devices in the system.

The G100 is designed to provide a reliable and accurate collection of data (metering, status, events and faults) from serial or LAN based intelligent substation devices, input/output modules, or on-board I/O, to master applications such as SCADA, EMS, DMS or other enterprise applications. With its modern and robust Cyber Security features, the G100 is designed for smooth integration into NERC CIP and Cyber Security environments.