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G650 - Legacy Generator Protection and Control System g650

Manufacturing for this product has been discontinued, please refer to the 889 relay.

The G650 is a Distributed Generation Protection and Control Relay designed for complete protection of small to medium sized generators as well as operate as a control system for distributed generation interconnections. The G650 provides a cost effective and scalable solution that allows for tailoring your protection, communications, and I/O requirements to meet the needs of your specific application.

Features and Benefits
  • Ideal for Distributed Generator Applications
    • All required protection features for small to medium sized generators
    • Configurable logic for creating customized generator control schemes

  • Cost Effective and Scalable Solution
    • Basic and Enhanced Protection Options
    • Alphanumeric and Graphical User Interfaces
    • Multiple Communication options available

  • Industry Leading Fault Recording Capability
    • Large capacity Sequence of Event Recording
    • High Sample Waveform Fault recording (64 samples/cycle)
    • Long term Data Logger recording

  • Most features available in the Distributed Generation Protection market segment
    • Programmable Control Logic
    • Ethernet Communications
    • High End Fault Recording
  • Protection of small to medium sized Induction or Synchronous Generators
  • Standalone or component in automated substation control system
  • Distributed generation and interconnection protection, management, and control where programmable logic is a requirement to interact with prime mover control systems
Protection & Control
  • Basic Options
    • Phase, Neutral, Ground and Negative Sequence TOC and IOC
    • Neutral and Ground Directional Overcurrent
    • Voltage Restraint Overcurrent
    • Phase Under and Overvoltage, Neutral and Ground Overvoltage
    • Directional Power
    • Under and Overfrequency, and Frequency Rate of Change
    • Generator Thermal Model
    • Generator Current unbalance
    • Loss of Excitation
    • Inadvertent Generator Energization

  • Enhanced Options
    • Sensitive Ground Overcurrent
    • Volts/Hz
    • Power Factor limiting
    • Vector surge loss of mains detection
    • Breaker Failure
    • VT Fuse failure
    • Restricted Ground Fault
Monitoring & Metering
  • Current, Voltage, Power, Power Factor, Frequency, Demand Metering
  • Breaker Condition Monitoring
  • Event Recorder - 479 Events
  • High resolution Oscillography and Data Logger
  • Configurable graphical HMI interface
  • Alarm Panel
User Interface
  • Backlit alphanumerical display or optional graphical panel
  • RS232 & RS485 ports - up to 115,200 bps
  • Ethernet ports - redundant 10/100BaseTX copper and redundant 100BaseFX Fiber
  • Multiple protocols - ModBus(TM) RTU and TCP/IP, DNP 3.0, HTTP, TFTP and IEC 61870-5-104
  • EnerVista software - an industry leading suite of software tools that simplifies every aspect of working with GE Multilin devices