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GE Communicator

Advanced Setup, Logging, Visualization, and Analysis Software for EPM Meters

GE Communicator is an easy-to-use software application to setup and maintain EPM meters as well as view data and generate reports to support analysis. It provides advanced visualization functionality including graphing/trending values; viewing waveforms/log records; and generating customizable reports. Furthermore, with MeterManager, meters can be grouped together, meter diagnostics and status can be determined, and data can be automatically retrieved at intervals for report generation. Using database structures, the stored metering information is available for integration into third-party software packages for further use or actions. GE Communicator connects to meters locally or remotely using the meters’ supported communications protocol via a USB, Serial, Ethernet, or Modem communications connection.

There are two versions of GE Communicator available – GE Communicator (which is downloadable and included with a GE EPM meter purchase and a GE Communicator Professional (Licensed) version which requires a license key to activate.

GE Communicator allows users to configure meters, send settings files, download data logs manually from meter memory, and view data charts/graphs and basic waveforms. The GE Communicator Professional (Licensed) version adds additional features including automatic/scheduled retrieval of meter data logs; creation/email of spreadsheet reports; and additional PQDIF, COMTRADE, and HHF file generation.

View Data
System Requirements

Key Benefits

  • User-friendly software interface for easy setup and commissioning of EPM meters
  • Simplified and accurate data collection and presentation of key, real-time collected meter information such as voltage, current, power and energy, time of use, power quality, harmonics, waveforms, alarm/limits, and I/O status
  • Support for integration with other software packages with ODBC-compliant database structures
  • Two versions – GE Communicator for setup and basic data visualization and GE Communicator (Licensed) for meter system setup, automated data retrieval, and advanced visualization and analysis


  • View and compare multiple values, circuits, and waveforms from one or more events
  • Easily zoom/pan, mark, and add annotations to waveform records for detailed analysis
  • Baseline and monitor data for impact and performance reviews
Setup and configure GE EPM meters
Database storage of collected information for SQL searches and data mining
View basic charts and graphs; basic power quality waveform viewer
Auto-collect data using MeterManager automation server tools
Detect installation and quality of service issues
Create and email spreadsheet reports automatically on a set schedule
Generate PQDIF, COMTRADE, and HHF files
Integration to GE Energy Aggregator – Energy dashboard/reporting

View Real-Time Data

GE Communicator connects to EPM Meters to view real-time data remotely and safely. Examples of data that can be viewed include voltage, current, power, and energy; time of use and accumulations; power quality; harmonic magnitudes; real-time waveform scopes; alarms and limits; max. and min. for each parameter; and I/O device information.

View Waveform Data

View Waveform Data

View Logged Data

The Log Viewer provides charting and graphing using database-driven, normalized data from GE EPM Meters. The charts and graphs provide concise visualization to help interpret retrieved data support analysis.

Features include:

  • Tabular data format to support spreadsheets
  • Multi-pen charting and graphing
  • View data by month, day, or year
  • Plotted max. and min. values
  • Zoom and pan of graphs
  • Cut/paste functionality
Visualize/Trend Energy Data

Visualize/Trend Energy Data

Advanced Power Quality Visualization, Charting, and Graphing

GE Communicator supports advanced visualization of power quality information in various industry standard formats including a scatter graph, providing CBEMA plotting information. The CBEMA plot gives definition to the severity of events and their effect on equipment. For example, if multiple events fall outside the CBEMA tolerances, the monitored equipment may be damaged. Furthermore, visualizations such as 3D plots and histograms with frequency and severity of power quality events can also be shown.

  • View ITIC, Semi F47, CBEMA, and other industry-standard graphs
  • View time waveform events using millisecond resolution
  • Sort data by fault type
  • Compare information from circuits
  • Review impact of changes to protective equipment
  • Monitor and analyze performance metrics
  • Conduct post/forensic analysis of events
  • View cycle-by-cycle RMS trends
View CBEMA and Other Power Quality Indices

View CBEMA and Other Power Quality Indices

View Waveform Records

GE Communicator provides easy-to-use visualization of waveform data for fast and simple analysis. Various views illustrate stored information graphically such as phasors for easy troubleshooting, as well as waveforms of events caused by power quality problems, faults, transients, and other conditions.

Features include:

  • View, zoom/pan, and compare multiple waveforms from one or more events
  • Conduct harmonic analysis of waveform data using harmonic magnitudes, peak value, and RMS readings per cycle
  • Add databased annotations to waveform records
Analyze Waveform Records

Analyze Waveform Records

Meter Management System

GE’s MeterManager is available with the GE Communicator Professional (Licensed) version and provides a comprehensive meter management system, with report generation, and data collection for up to 1,200 Ethernet-connected meters.

Automated Status, Report Generation, and Export

GE MeterManager’s Report Exporter provides design of customized reports of meter data. Reports can be generated for one or more meters and can be set up for automatic report generation at specific intervals (e.g., hourly, multi-hourly, daily, weekly, or monthly). Report Exporter can also export reports via email and upload reports via FTP to a central location for viewing.

GE Communicator status meters

Group and see status of meters

GE Communicator reports

Configure automatic reports

System Requirements

  System Requirements
Supported Operating Systems
  • Windows 11® Operating System
  • Windows Server® 2012 R2
  • Windows Server® 2016
  • Windows Server® 2019
  • 16 GB RAM
  • 1TB


  • 1440 x 768 display resolution
  • MS .NET Framework 4