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GPM-F Field Ground Protection Module - Complete generator system protection

The field ground protection module, GPM-F works in combination with the Multilin G60 to detect ground faults in the field winding of the generator. Providing application flexibility, the field ground protection module can be configured for either single point injection or double point injection based on application requirements. The solution includes: two stage field ground detection, injected voltage and current supervision, brush lift-off detection, field over and under current elements and field ground fault location.

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Key Benefits
  • Providing advanced field ground fault protection for generator applications
  • Allowing both single point and double point injection methods provides optimal application flexibility depending on system configuration
  • Reduce generator down-time by locating the fault within the field winding when connected in single point injection method
  • Designed to operate with Multilin’s industry leading G60 Generator Protection System
  • Continuously monitors and protects the generator during stopped, starting and running conditions for increased asset life
  • Reduce system configuration time by configuring the Field Ground Protection Module through the G60 Generator Protection System and the easy-to-use EnerVista Setup Software
  • Increase generator life span by easily upgrading your current G60 generator protection relay with the Field Ground Protection Module
  • Applications
  • Medium to large sized generators
  • Suitable for integration with any type of generator excitation systems; static or brushless
  • Deployable with redundant generator protection systems
  • Suitable for generators with rated field voltage up to 600 Vdc or 600-800Vdc
  •   Key Features    
    Protection. Diagnostics
  • Two stage field ground resistance based element - 64F
  • Wide range fault resistance coverage (1- 500Kohms)
  • Injection frequency range 0.1 – 3Hz based on field winding capacitance
  • Fault location feature while using single point injection
  • Brush-lift off detection
  • Injection blocking input for field flashing condition
  • Supports redundant G60 configurations
  • Field over current and field under current elements using dcmA input of G60
  • Power swing blocking and out-of-step tripping
  • Backup distance
  • Reverse / low forward power
  • Restricted ground fault
  • Overexcitation
  • Generator unbalance
    Field Ground Fault Detection
    Resistor box module & Field Ground Module cross section
    Protection & Control
    Typical block diagram
    Single point injection   Double point injection
    Providing application flexibility and diagnostic information, single point injection provides the ability to quickly identify the fault location in the field winding, thus reducing damaging the generator and reducing down-time. Single point injection has traditionally been the protection method used for generators with brushless excitation.   In addition to single point injection, the GPM-F module allows for ground fault detection via double point injection. Double point injection has typically been used on applications where generators are equipped with static excitation. When the GPM-F is connected for double point injection the fault location feature is not available. It is recommended that is fault location is required that the GPM-F be configured for single point injection.