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Multilin Meter Enclosure
Meter Enclosures
Pre-wired & Configured Metering Solution

Expanding existing switchgear or installing new metering capability can be challenging due to space limitations, downtime and installation and equipment costs. GE’s Multilin™ Meter Enclosure is a pre-wired configured, economical solution for both retrofit expansions and small scale meter installations that allows the expansion of existing switchgear capability without expensive and time-consuming design.

When ordered as a meter option the enclosure provides a factory pre-wired, installation-ready metering solution that further drives energy cost savings, by enabling the measurement of key energy usage information along multiple metering points for new or existing systems.

Key Benefits
  • Easy, rapid installation for new or existing switchgear capability through a factory-wired, tested enclosure with installed meter, eliminating ordering, wiring and installation errors
  • Extend metering capability with new systems and existing switchgear without system installation downtime
  • Factory tested and installation ready with guaranteed compatibility with GE’s EPM meter family
  • Simplified ordering through an enclosure option ensures correct pre-wired meter compatible delivery
  • NEMA 1 tested and UL/cUL certified
  • Suitable for both new and retrofit meter installations supporting the EPM 2200, 6000, 6010 & 7000 meters
Meter Enclosure Assembly

The installation of GE’s Multilin Meter Enclosure provides customers with a simple, easy to install solution that adds advanced metering capabilities while minimizing system downtime.

The Multilin Meter Enclosure is UL/cUL certified and NEMA 1 rated, making it ideal for indoor environments. It is provided in two voltage configurations (120-240V and 277V) to ensure compatibility with existing systems.

Each meter enclosure is pre-wired and configured with an EPM meter, voltage fuses, shorting block for current transformers and a control power transformer (for 277V power systems), eliminating field wiring and installation issues.

Meter Enclosure
Typical Wiring
Enclosure Typical Wiring (120V model) Wye Wiring for 120V Model
Enclosure Typical Wiring (277V model) Wye Wiring for 277V Model
Enclosure Dimensions Enclosure Dimensions