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MLP Digital Distance Protection (Discontinued)

MLP Digital Distance Protection (Discontinued)

The MLP is a digital distance protection system. This powerful protection system is more cost effective than an installation using conventional equipment. Its main application is in subtransport and distribution lines of up to 66 kV and 132 kV for lines with three phase tripping, at distances of up to 150 km. Its capacity to register events, along with its control and monitoring capabilities, make it especially suitable for use in unattended substations, as it eliminates the need to send technicians to the site to collect data and reset the relay.

  • Sub-transmission & distribution lines
  • Three pole tripping
Protection and Control
  • Three zones of distance functions
  • Step distance protection zones
  • Zone I extension protection scheme
  • Zone II acceleration
  • Out of step blocking
  • Line pick-up
  • Remote open pole detector
  • Fuse failure
  • 3 shot programmable recloser
Monitoring and Metering
  • Fault locator
  • Fault reports
  • Oscillography: 7 records, 30 cycles each
  • Event record: up to 240 events
  • Hourly power or current register: up to 7 days
  • Supervision functions for breaker maintenance
  • Real time monitoring of main quantities and states