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MM200 – Legacy
Motor Management System
MM200 photo

Manufacturing for the MM200 has been discontinued. As an alternative, please refer to MM300 Enhanced.

The MM200 integrates protection, control and multiple communication protocols in a rugged compact device for low voltage motor applications. Easily integrated into new and existing control system architectures, the MM200 provides comprehensive low voltage motor protection and communications for all types of motor protection applications.

Key Benefits
  • Flexible Protection, Control, and Communication options
  • Small footprint designed specifically for IEC and NEMA MCC applications
  • Integrated pushbuttons and LED indicators reduce external components and wiring
  • Flexible DIN rail mounting
  • Multiple communication protocols allows simple integration into monitoring and control systems.
  • Optional control panel provides local control
  • Applications    
  • Low Voltage Three-Phase AC Motors
  • MCC and standalone Panel Mount Applications
  • IEC NEMA Motor Control Center (MCCs)
  • Process control applications
  • System architecture requiring multiple simultaneous communications
  • FVNR, FVR, two speed

  • Protection & controlMonitoring & meteringCommunicationsSoftware

      Key Features    
  • Motor Thermal Model
  • Undercurrent
  • Current Unbalance
  • Acceleration Time
  • Sensitive Ground Fault
  • Built-in Starter Logic
  • FVNR, FVR, Two-Speed
  • Auto / Manual Control
  • Configurable Inputs
  • Power Fail Restart
  • MM200 Block Diagram
      Key Features
  • Current, Motor Loads, Thermal Capacity
  • Motor Running Time, Cause of Trip, Total Number of Trips
  • 1A / 5A combined CT inputs
  •   Monitoring & metering
    The MM200 includes high accuracy metering of current signals. Current parameters are available as total RMS magnitude.

    Digital Counters
    The MM200 provides ten digital counters to aid in system analysis. The digital counters can be used for scheduling inspections on equipment, performing qualitative analysis of system problems and spotting trends.

    Learned Data
    Monitoring the motor’s operating characteristics assists in determining the motor start parameters and is a critical tool for determining the operating characteristics of the system, motor and connected load.

    Advanced Device Health Diagnostics
    The MM200 performs comprehensive device health diagnostic tests during startup and continuously at runtime to test its own major functions and critical hardware. These diagnostic tests monitor for conditions that could impact the MM200’s performance, evaluate the criticality of this impact and present device status via SCADA communications. Providing continuous monitoring and early detection of possible issues helps improve system availability by employing predictive maintenance

    Handheld display (HHD)
    Handheld display photo The Hand Held Display (HHD) provides a rugged local interface for MM200 Motor Protection Systems where a local display is not used in the MCC.
    The HHD provides a graphical color local interface to the MM200 Motor Protection Systems allowing local operators to view and change setting files and quickly access relay diagnostic information.
    The HHD provides a clear and detailed view of all motor settings, diagnostic information and metering data available in the MM200 allowing local operators to make informed decisions on the motors operation.
      Key Features
  • Networking through RS485
  • Multiple protocols
    - Modbus RTU
    - ODVA Compliant DeviceNet
    - Profibus DPV1
  • Simultaneous Communications
    Advanced communications
    The MM200 utilizes the most advanced communications technologies available today making it an easier and more flexible motor protection relay to use and integrate into new and existing infrastructures. Multiple communication ports and protocols allow control and easy access to information from the MM200. All communication ports are capable of communication simultaneously.

    The MM200 supports the most popular industry standard protocols enabling easy, direct integration into HMI and electrical SCADA systems. Modbus RTU is provided standard with a RS485 networking port. The following optional protocols and communication ports are available:

  • Fieldbus Protocol with dedicated port.
    - ODVA Compliant DeviceNet
    - Internally powered Profibus
  • network diagram
    User interface
      Front & rear views

    EnerVista software
    The EnerVista™ Suite is an industry-leading set of software programs that simplifies every aspect of using the MM200 relay. The EnerVista™ suite provides all the tools to monitor the status of the protected asset, maintain the relay, and integrate information measured by the MM200 into DCS or SCADA monitoring systems. Learn More
    Enervista MM200 setup sample screen