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MiCOM Agile P140 Series
Feeder Protection Relay - P141, P142, P143, P144, P145

Part of the MiCOM P40 platform, the Agile P14x feeder management relays provide an integrated solution for the complete protection, control and monitoring of overhead lines and underground cables, covering all distribution and transmission voltage levels. Providing all essential information to efficiently maintain complex power systems and their components, the P14x relay family is user-friendly and highly flexible, allowing application on any electrical network.

The MiCOM Agile P14x is an advanced feeder management relay platform with overcurrent and earth fault protection, as well as autoreclose and a full suite of protection, control and monitoring functions. The relay can also be used as high impedance busbar with full scheme supervision. The platform also provides main or back-up protection for MV/HV, solidly earthed, impedance earthed, Petersen coil earthed and isolated neutral systems.

Key benefits:

  • Full feeder management with efficient monitoring, control, recording and digital communications
  • Supports all major digital control system protocols, easing integration into DCS, SCADA and engineering workstations
  • Fast simple and reliable busbar protection as an alternative application: Numerical single-box solution with full scheme supervision
  • Harsh environment protection extends the life of the product
  • No internal batteries in GE-branded models – removes a maintenance item and eases air-freight logistics
  • Advanced binary inputs comply with the harshest norms for surge withstand, plus the ESI 48-4 EB2 standard. Spurious wiring pickup is eliminated without the use of interposing relays, external resistors or time delays. Battery/wiring faults, switching noise, and induction from long parallel circuits are tolerated without misoperation.
  • NERC CIP cybersecurity including role-based access control (RBAC), RADIUS and SysLog
What's New

What's New

MiCOM P40 Agile Explorer


  • 4-stages of non-directional/directional overcurrent, earth fault, negative phase sequence overcurrent, sensitive earth fault protection
  • 2-stage under/over voltage, 9-stage under/overfrequency, check synchronism, autoreclose and breaker fail
  • IEC 61850 redundant Ethernet, with RSTP and IEC 62439 PRP and HSR – with HSR support for up to 50 nodes in a ring
  • Graphical programmable scheme logic eases protection scheme creation and avoids the need for external logic controllers
  • Hardware modularity extends up to a maximum of 48 binary (opto) inputs
  • Integrated functionality permits control of up to eight switchgear elements in the bay, in addition to circuit breaker control

Key benefits:

  • Comprehensive library of hardware options, protection and control functions suitable to meet your system requirements
  • Advanced autoreclose and synchronizing options, including predictive closing such that CB primary contacts touch near to the exact moment that systems drift in-phase
  • The standard and user-programmable curves, supplemented by load blinders and voltage supervision offer fast and dependable fault tripping, without constraining circuit loadability
  • Distance to fault location assists dispatching of maintenance crews

Functional Block Diagram

P40 functional block diagram

ANSI ® Device Numbers and Functions

Device Number Function
25 Check Synchronising
27 Phase and Line Undervoltage
32 Phase Directional Power
37 Undercurrent
46 Negative Sequence Overcurrent
47 Negative Sequence Overvoltage
49 Thermal Overload
50/27 Switch-on to Fault
50 Phase Definitive Time Overcurrent
51 Phase Inverse-Time Overcurrent
52 Breaker and Isolator Control
59 Phase and Line Overvoltage
dv/dt Rate of Change of Voltage
67 Directional Phase Overcurrent
68 Inrush Blocking
Device Number Function
79 Autoreclose
85 InterMiCOM Teleprotection
86 Latching/Lockout Contacts
87 High-Impedance Busbar Differential
21BL Load Encroachment/Blinder
21FL Fault Locator
32S Sensitive Power
46BC Broken Conductor
49SR Silicon Rectivier Thermal
50BF CB Failure
50N Earth Fault Definitive Time Overcurrent
51N Neutral/Ground IDMT Overcurrent
SEF Sensitive Earth Fault, I cos and I sin
51R Voltage Restrained Overcurrent
51V Voltage Controlled Overcurrent
Device Number Function
PSL Programmable Logic
CLP Cold Load Pick Up
59N Neutral Voltage Displacement
59S Busbar Buswire Supervision
64N Restricted Earth Fault
67N Directional Neutral/Ground Overcurrent
67W Wattmetric Earth Fault
81df/dt Rate of Change Frequency
81O Overfrequency
81R Load Restoration
81U Underfrequency
81V Undervoltage Blocking
CTS CT Supervision
VTS VT Supervision
YN Neutral Admittance


Agile P14x Models Available

  • P141 Feeder management IED
  • P142 Feeder management IED with autoreclose
  • P143 Feeder management IED with autoreclose and synchronizing
  • P144 Feeder management IED with transient earth fault detection for isolated/Petersen systems
    The P144 is under last-time buy. Orders may be placed until 1st December 2024 and will be fulfilled based upon availability. As an alternative, please refer to P84.
  • P145 Feeder management IED with autoreclose, synchronizing and function keys

MiCOM S1 Agile

Key benefits:

  • Powerful, free of charge, PC toolsuite
  • Optimum management of the installed base, structured as per the substation topology
  • Intuitive and versatile interface with file management facilities
  • Logical structure based on substation, voltage level and bay
  • Version control and cross-checking facilities for IED settings
  • Real-time measurement visualization – MiCOM S1 Agile extends to all MiCOM Agile IEDs - including P847 PMU and busbar schemes

Engineering Tool Suite

S1 Agile is the truly universal PC tool for MiCOM Agile relay, assemble all tools in a palette for simple entry, with intuitive navigation via fewer mouse-clicks. No-longer are separate tools required for redundant Ethernet configuration, phasor measurement unit commissioning, busbar scheme operational dashboards, programmable curve profiles or automatic disturbance record extraction – applications are embedded. MiCOM S1 Agile supports all existing MiCOM, K-Series and Modulex, including a utility for automatic conversion of setting files from previous generations of numerical relays like K-series and MiCOM P20 to the latest P40 Agile models.

To move to the future, with no loss of functionality, no loss of device support, and full compatibility with your installed base and system architecture – request a copy of S1 Agile with the contact form link below.

MiCOM S1 Agile software

Key features in the MiCOM S1 family:

  • GE’s integrated engineering tool that provides users with access to automation IED configuration and record data
  • Integrated configuration and monitoring features
  • Send and extract setting files
  • Event and disturbance record extraction and analysis

MiCOM S1 Agile software request

To receive the MiCOM S1 Agile, please use our Contact form. This will also ensure that you are kept up-to-date with the latest enhancements, including updates and bug fixes.

Refurbishment Solutions – “If It’s Blue Think to Renew”

GE’s latest MiCOM P140 series models P141 to P145 inclusive offer an ideal path to refurbish an older installed base of MiCOM P140 relays. Whether those older products were initially sold as Alstom or AREVA-branded products, newer models retain pin-pin refurbishment capability. Advantageously, users can benefit from the advancements made in protection, control, communications, hardware and cybersecurity that have taken place in the intervening years. The new P40 retains form, fit and function compatibility but delivers the latest platform and software ready for today’s environment, and for future-proofed application for the decades ahead.

Pin-Pin Upgrade Methodology:

  • Take the order code (CORTEC) of the older relay being removed, typically a blue case relay
  • Translate to today’s latest GE MiCOM model, adding Ethernet options if required
  • Order the new P40 relay
  • Extract settings and logic, use S1 Agile toolsuite to convert settings
  • Detach the terminal blocks from old relay, leaving wiring attached / detach terminal blocks from the new.
  • Carefully examine the terminal blocks to see that no physical damage has occurred since installation
  • Mount new relay. Old relay blocks fit straight onto the new relay - safer, less wiring to reconnect.
  • It is recommended to apply rated current and voltage to the relay CT/VT inputs during secondary injection testing to check the continuity of the CT/VT terminal block connections to the relay.
  • Download converted files
  • Test, return circuit to service with only minutes of downtime